5 Strategies For Building a Positive Company Culture

Today’s candidates want more from their finance careers than an excellent remuneration package. They want an opportunity for progression, a chance to do something meaningful, and most importantly, they want a strong company culture.

Culture defines your business, and how you do things. For instance, a financial company with an innovative company culture might spend more time exploring new technology and sending team members to training seminars, and leading industry events. Having a well-defined company culture helps you to attract the right kind of people to your team, but it also ensures that you have the talent you need to achieve your business goals.

Since culture supports workplace happiness, and happy employees are naturally more productive, it makes sense to invest in the right atmosphere for your business. So, here are five strategies that will help you create a positive culture in your company.

Define your Vision

A great culture has a guiding focus. For instance, your finance company’s mission statement might be to assist clients in making sound financial choices through reliable and personalised service.

With a mission in mind, it’s much easier to bring everyone together on the same page and orient your decisions to suit the greater good of the company. For example, if your vision is to be the most creative and forward-thinking investment company in your area, then it makes sense to hire candidates who share your passion for innovation.

Your vision should also inform the opportunities you offer your employees. If you’re an innovator, you can prove it by giving your employees a chance to improve their skills and learn how to use the latest accounting or financial advising software in the business.

Demonstrate your Values

While your vision articulates the end goal for your finance company, your values represent the compass you’ll use to reach your targets. Values support your company culture by showing employees the habits they need to develop to produce exceptional work.

An excellent way to make sure that your values resonate with your team is to include staff in discussions about the development of those values. Launch a company-wide meeting where everyone has their say. For example, if your team agrees that Emiratisation is an important aspect of your company culture, then you’ll want to focus on the values important to UAE nationals.

Once you’ve decided on your values, you can share them with potential hires by listing them on your job descriptions or sharing information on your website. For instance, on your job specs, you might say that account managers are expected to present their results to their team every quarter which demonstrates a “results-driven” culture.

Hire The Right People

While you can train staff to adopt new skills as well as the behaviours you desire, it’s much easier to do this when you bring people into your team who already share your vision and values. Working with a specialist recruitment agency like Flow Talent ensures that you can narrow your candidate choices down based on their values, abilities and experience.

Hiring candidates who already embrace your values is a great way to strengthen the culture you want to build. Once you have a selection of top-tier talent to choose from, you can use your interview process to check that each candidate’s attitude matches with the culture you want to create.

If everyone in your high-performing team takes the same approach to work, a culture will begin to form and thrive organically. This means that you won’t have to work so hard to maintain the right atmosphere.

Review and Adapt Over Time

A culture is a dynamic and ever-growing thing. That’s why businesses need to commit to continually reviewing and adjusting their strategy for success. Just as an organisation can evolve and change with time, a culture develops consistently, too.

Put a day on your calendar at the end of every quarter where you can look back at your culture and evaluate its performance. Look at your turnover numbers, how happy your staff are, and how easy it is to attract the right candidates with your recruitment team.

Remember, just because a particular culture works for you at first, doesn’t mean that it will be right for your business forever. Organisations need to frequently assess and adjust their strategy if they want the best possible team. Be ready to adapt when necessary.

Focus on Great Leadership

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when you’re creating a compelling culture is that leadership is critical. Your team will look to the leaders in your organisation for examples of how they should behave. As such, cultural changes need to be implemented from the top down.

Your C-Suite executives and managers must reflect the values and standards of your firm entirely. This doesn’t mean simply memorising the mission statement but implementing your best practices into everything they do. For instance, if you claim to be an innovator, are your leaders signing up to speak at industry events and implementing new technologies?



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