Why A Specialist Fintech Recruiter Is Now A ‘Must Have’ Recruitment Priority

Why A Specialist Fintech Recruiter Is Now A ‘Must Have’ Recruitment Priority

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Finance and technology companies have a choice to make. The competition for talent is fierce, so organisations in this sector need to have an extremely focused recruitment strategy that delivers the high calibre workforce required in the UAE and beyond.
Some financial and technology organisations are still relying on generalist recruiters, but they do so at their peril.  

A specialist finance and technology recruiter is tapped into the sector, its opportunities and challenges, its key players and its potential pipeline.  

The finance, technology and insurance markets are exceptionally specialised, so why risk a generalist to source your next generation of talent?  

Here are some of the core reasons you should retain a specialist recruiter.  

They Understand the Opportunity You Are Offering Talent In The Finance Sector 

A specialist recruiter isn’t caught flat-footed when a very niche technical role is mentioned, and they understand how the sector works.  
You won’t have to have a slightly awkward conversation with a recruiter more accustomed to general commercial roles about the way things ‘are done’ in the financial, banking and tech sectors, and candidates won’t be unprepared about what the role entails when they make it to interview. 
In short, less of your time is wasted on briefing the recruiter or interviewing unprepared or unsuitable candidates.  

Specialist Recruiters Know The Passive Candidates That Can Accelerate Your Business 

Financial-specific recruiters know the passive candidates who will suit your role and be a massive find for your company.  

They know their names, they have their numbers, and they are correctly positioned to reach out and pitch your role and business to them in a persuasive fashion. 

As a company, how would you ever get access to this person without a recruiter?  

Moreover, how would a generalist recruiter know about this person and how to convince them to join your financial organisation? The simple answer is this: they won’t.  

With a proven 90% of all passive candidates admitting they’re open to a conversation at the very least, not going with a specialist recruiter is slamming closed many doors that a generalist recruiter won’t even know are there. 


Specialist Recruiters Understand The Market 

A fintech recruiter knows a thing or two about financial regulations and how the whole tech and finance market works. They know the language, and they know the economic and political climate as it affects the fintech recruitment scene.  

They also understand how candidates are behaving and thinking about the financial sector: who they think the great employers are, how much culture means to Millennials, and what kind of incentives will attract the crème de la crème of candidates.  

They’re your ear on the ground, helping you to create job descriptions and salary packages that speak to the people you want to hire.  

They Understand How to Reach The Candidates That Matter  

This isn’t just about knowing a passive candidate’s phone number, although the best certainly have that in hand. The benefits of hiring a specialist also feed into the fact that specialists understand which universities have the finance and technology programmes, they know which social media platform candidates of each age cohort are likely to use for job-seeking, and they attend fairs to keep new talent in their pipeline.  

Specialist Recruiters are Experts in Salary And Benefit Expectations 

A fintech recruiter already knows the salary benchmarks and the candidate market and can advise their clients on what kind of compensation package will attract the high performers.  

When a financial company retains the service of a specialist recruiter, they also benefit from the recruiter being able to set realistic expectations in the minds of candidates too. 

They Understand the Expectations Of The Role 

Many financial and technology roles are high pressure. The stakes are high and the rewards, both monetary and psychological, are correspondingly high too. A specialist recruiter can explain the expectations, the rewards, and the sacrifices that come along with a career in the fast-paced finance sector.  

A generalist recruiter, on the other hand, will almost certainly struggle to give candidates a realistic yet exciting argument as to why they should accept your role.  

They work best when you retain them exclusively 

When deciding on your recruitment strategy, only choose one specialised recruitment agency.  

Don’t split your opportunities across different recruiters, as you’ll not only almost certainly dilute the effort of each recruiter, but you’ll also create headaches for yourself when you see duplicates of CVs and Resumes and have to have countless conversations about the role and your company. 

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