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The corporate world is evolving at a rapid pace, with new threats emerging all the time. Now, more than ever, Legal and Compliance professionals across the globe need to prepare for a new era that will broaden the mandate of their teams. After all, an organization that meets regulatory obligations and tackles new risks appropriately shows customers that it operates ethically and within the laws and rules that govern it.

The team at Flow Talent specialise in sourcing legal & compliance professionals from General Counsel’s & Paralegals to Compliance Analysts & Compliance Directors. Our clients include top-tier law firms, multinational corporates, and boutique practices throughout the Middle East & Africa.

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Commercial Law


Litigation & dispute resolution

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Financial Compliance and Law


Corporate Law


Real Estate

Real Estate

Family & Immigration Law

Family & Immigration

Employment Law


Some common mandates we work on are:

  • Associates / Senior associates
  • Head of AML / Head of Compliance / Compliance Counsel
  • Legal Counsel / Senior Legal Manager / Legal Director
  • Sole Counsel / General Counsel / Deputy General Counsel /
  • Senior Legal Counsel / Regional Legal Counsel / Partner
  • Trainee Solicitors / Solicitors / Paralegal

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