As a dedicated, committed and niche provider of a full range of effective recruitment solutions, we are perfectly positioned to offer a portfolio of high quality options to suit all your recruitment requirements.

Talent sourcing

The Middle East is a dynamic and growing market where identifying top talented professionals for your organisation is highly competitive.
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Contingent Recruitment:

Flow Talent provide an executive search service geared to any level of role within the Banking, Technology and Financial Services Industries, led by one of our industry experts. Our service is driven by innovative, established, and proven research teams who customize each individual requirement from our clients.

Retained Recruitment:

Working exclusively for a client, we develop a search strategy to ensure each role is successfully filled. We deliver diverse and accurate shortlists in short time frames and present a qualified selection of candidates, aligned with the agreed selection criteria and expectations.

Emiratization and Saudization:

Recruitment of Emirati and Saudi national professionals for organisations operating in the UAE and KSA.

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Market Entry:

We have helped many companies set up their local teams in the Middle East and Africa. Market entry requires a deep understanding of local culture and business practices - attempting to navigate government regulations, cultural customs, and language barriers can abruptly halt aspirations if you are not equipped with the right team for the job. We can guide you through making your first key hires, formally establishing your business, and arranging all functions essential to operating successfully in the country.