Your Cyber security Career in the Middle East – What Should Be Your Next Move?

Your Cyber security Career in the Middle East

Countries in the Middle East have managed to revive their economies after the coronavirus outbreak, and the region has fared better than many other areas across the world.

The Cyber security sector is now in the refocusing stage, where organisations are taking steps to define what the next stage of Cyber security – post-COVID-19 will look like.

Cyber security is going to play a significant part in the economic recovery as we move forwards, which I will explain in this article – but what will this mean for your career?

The importance of Cyber security in the post-pandemic world that is emerging means that there will be increased career opportunities for talented Cyber security employees, let me explain further.

Groundbreaking Cyber security in the Middle East

If you already work in Cyber security in the Middle East, you will know that the rise in payment technology has been on an upward curve for a while.

But the coronavirus pandemic changed the game. Never before have so many organisations looked to going fully digital – online payments in the MENA region have reached 76%, and this number is expected to rise.

E-commerce in the region has also been on an upward trajectory, with no sign of slowing down. The E-commerce industry has grown dramatically from US $8.3 billion in 2017 to a predicted US $28.5 billion in 2022.

As the sector grows, Cyber security organisations are facing the same challenge – finding the best talent for their roles. Let’s take a closer look at the Cyber security skills that are in high demand right now.

Cyber security Talent: In Demand

So what does this growth in the sector mean for Cyber security employees?

It means that there are a growing number of opportunities for employees with in-demand skills. These skills include, but are not limited to the following –

  • Security Analyst
  • Security Architect
  • Penetration Tester
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

As you can see from this list, the future of Cyber security is focused on delivering an excellent service for users, but also in making sure these new disruptive technologies are legally compliant and safe to use.

Transferrable skills such as an understanding of financial language, a strong STEM base and coding knowledge are also beneficial to have when applying for Cyber security roles.

Locating the employees with the best talent is going to be a challenge for employers in the coming months – let me explain why this period is going to be critical for Middle East Cyber security organisations.

Cyber security is Crucial to SMEs

In the aftermath of COVID-19, some of the worst-hit sectors are looking at how to recover. Cyber security is going to play a crucial role in the recovery of SMEs in the Middle East who have struggled to secure capital.

According to, Cyber security companies are revolutionising the way that businesses are working. The pandemic revealed how little we know about our critical services and assets, and the best approach to protecting them

But with new technologies and Cyber security services, people and business have made the shift to move all activities online as far as possible

One issue that Cyber security faced early on in its infancy was the reluctance of people and companies to switch from traditional methods using paper predominantly to digital methods. But as confidence in the sector has grown, aided by the success of Blockchain, more users have been willing to convert.

This is all great news when it comes to the future of your Cyber security career, but it raises the question as to if your current position is going to provide you with the best opportunities.  Cyber security talent is going to be in all-time-high demand over the coming years – is your current role going to provide you with ample room to progress?

If you have some doubts as to whether your current employment is right for you right now, there are steps you can take.

Next Steps

Deciding on a career move is a big decision. But in the world of tech, things move quickly. There is no ‘ideal’ length of time to stay in any tech role, and several factors should influence the decision to move on.

Is your current role fulfilling you? Do you agree that you are being paid fairly for your work? Do you fit in well with the company culture? Where are you in your personal life – are you planning on starting or expanding your family?

If you’ve got the skills that I’ve outlined here and would like a conversation with recruitment experts about the future of your Cyber security career, and to discuss your options – get in touch with us today.



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