What Hiring Managers Are Looking For From The Banking Talent They Recruit

Over our last series of blogs, we have shared how to work your way through the career development process from deciding to move, to the interview process, itself.

The one thing I wanted to address today is precisely what is your hiring manager or hiring team looking for and how can you demonstrate you are the person for both the role and future opportunities with their organisation.

This is where it helps to get inside the head of an interviewer and put yourself in their shoes.

If you were hiring for your own company, what traits and skills would you be looking for? I suspect you will come up with most of the ideas we are about to share.

Validation That Your CV Is Communicating Who You Are

Have you ever read an advert for a new apartment or home?

Everything on paper looked fantastic. However, you want to check out if the camera is lying or exactly how big is that master bedroom?

A document can communicate at one level, and though as specialist recruiters we can communicate who you are to our clients, they will want to experience you and your value face to face.

Though a two page CV can communicate a lot, your hiring manager will want you to expand on your skills or perhaps how you managed to achieve what you have.

The hiring team will ask open-ended questions so you can walk through your CV/Resume at your own pace. This is an excellent opportunity for you to give even more detail about your successes too.

It is key to remember to consider how your past experiences can help you carry out the role. So rather than merely stating what you did, use examples and link to what you’ve done in your past and how it could help you in the position you’re now applying for in their company.

Do You Have The Skills Necessary for The Role?

Logical I know, but at the end of the day, it is imperative that you communicate your expertise.

For instance, if you are a Banking Technology advisor, you need to communicate that you are adept at defining modern Technology landscapes while addressing new business requirements and how agility can be added into the IT workspace, e.g. APIs, DevOps, ERP decoupling, streams etc.

In a fast-moving space like Banking, what extracurricular development and training do you carry out to keep you ahead?

Depending on your role, how good are you at working with and managing senior client stakeholders?

While you are answering questions during the interview, it’s likely your hiring manager is visualising you talking to some of his key clients, so be clear in your communication.

Being a good communicator is vital in any senior banking role. Though it might be a breeze for you explaining the deliverables and process of a project, not everyone you work with will have the same understanding. So please don’t underestimate the importance of your communication abilities to your future employer.

Do You ‘Fit’ With Our Brand

The question swirling around in your hiring managers head is will you ‘fit’ into their organisation, it’s ethos and what they stand for.

This is often referred to as ‘cultural fit’.

An organisation’s culture will be reflected in its dress code, business hours, office setup, employee benefits, turnover, hiring decisions, treatment of clients, client satisfaction and every other aspect of operations.

If you are working with someone like ourselves at Flowtalent, we will have discussed this with you in full, as we wouldn’t ever recommend a role where the culture fit wouldn’t work for you or our clients.

Are You A Team Player?

No longer can a banking star be isolated and given a ‘wide birth’ by other members of a team. In today’s business world teamwork is everything.

This might be a team working down the corridor from you or virtually in another continent.

Though it is a well-worn phrase, the fact is Together Everyone Achieves More.

Collaboration and teamwork is the fuel for modern business today, and your hiring managers are likely wondering if you can fulfil this role and then perhaps the next step up the ladder too.

If teamwork isn’t your thing, it’s unlikely you will get a positive outcome at your interview.

In Summary

Therefore when you are preparing for your interview read back through this blog and make sure you have examples for all the aspects of the job description.

Each hiring manager is slightly different, and your Flow consultant will be able to help you out on their individual’s likes and dislikes.



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