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The 5 (Key) Banking Services Trends to Look Out for in the UAE

by Ana Alborte in career
A proficiency for transformation and innovation keeps the UAE ahead of the curve.  The UAE embraces new technology faster than the West in all areas, including banking services according to a report by HSBC. The global research survey "Trust in Technology" examined financial services in 11 countries to find that people from the UAE are pioneers in technology adoption.  Access to talent with the most recent technical skills, as well as an overarching feeling of "optimism" towards technology in the UAE keeps industries evolving at a rapid pace.  So far in 2019, we've already begun to see new trends emerging in banking services, changing the way companies search...

Agile Leadership: Is Your Technology Organisation Ready?

by Mark Nancarrow in career
The technology sector is in a perpetual state of growth.  Companies face significant changes in everything from customer expectations, to payment processing systems and risk analysis tools. Combine this transformation with the increasingly competitive market conditions, and the pressure on today's institutions intensifies.  Organisations in this new landscape need a way to evolve quickly to suit the latest trends. That means not only adopting new technology but also recruiting leadership candidates who can pivot and adjust rapidly.  In a fast-moving environment, the ability to adapt quickly has become a defining characteristic of the most effective leaders.  The question is, is your technology business ready for...

What Makes a Great Data Scientist in The Banking Sector?

by Ana Alborte in career
Data skills are in high demand.  Banks around the world are working with recruitment companies to seek out people who can understand the astronomical amounts of information they collect each day. Data analytics allows modern institutions to make more informed, evidence-backed decisions for their future.  Currently, we're creating an average of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day, and 90% of the world's data was created in the last 2 years alone. This demonstrates the rising need for talent in this area.  Data scientists are the people who can translate that information into actionable insights for your company.  So, how do you define a great data scientist?  1. Technical...

What Makes a Great Business Change Specialist?

by Pegah Gol in career
As the industries of finance, technology and beyond continue to face rapid transformation, modern companies need a way to maintain focus and engagement throughout periods of evolution. For many organisations, this means hiring a Business Change specialist, someone who can help the business to grow, discover new areas for development, and ultimately pave the way for success.  Business change employees are experts in smoothly implementing critical changes so that lasting benefits can be achieved. With the right Change specialist, you can ensure that everyone is ready to take the next step in your growth plan.  The question is, how do you define a great business change specialist...

The 6 Qualities of a Standout Banking Team

by Tricia Domingo in career
For any bank to thrive, it needs the input of focused, cohesive teams that can work efficiently together. Strong teams drive innovation and ensure that companies reach their goals. At the same time, the positive culture implemented by a standout group of employees can also help organisations to retain their top-tier talent for longer.  Of course, it takes more than placing a handful of people in the same room to create a capable team. The right combination of team members in your bank means that their combined strengths outweigh any areas of weakness. Plus, they inspire one another to accomplish more and collectively push the company to one accomplishment after another.  So, what makes...
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