Can I Pay to Find Employment in the UAE?

Our team are often asked by job seekers if they can pay us in order to prioritise their profile or secure them a job. In brief, the response is a resounding “NO.” Beyond the necessity of meeting the qualifications for a position and undergoing assessment through an interview process to determine your suitability, it is crucial to understand that if a prospective employer or recruiter requests money from you, this is unlawful:

UAE Labour Law States –

“No licensed employment agent or labor supplier shall demand or accept from any worker, whether before or after the latter’s admission to employment, any commission or material reward in return for employment, or charge him for any expenses thereby incurred, except as may be prescribed or approved by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.”

Sadly, the practice of asking job seekers to make payments to secure employment or visas remains prevalent in the UAE. Although there are job portals where you may choose to pay a modest, optional fee to enhance your profile and connect with potential employers, it’s essential to remember that it is your employer’s responsibility to cover all recruitment expenses, including those related to acquiring a residency visa and work permit.

So, How Do Recruitment Agencies Get Paid? Recruitment agencies receive a fee for finding the right candidate for the role and this is paid for by the employer once the candidate has accepted the position.

What Should You Do If a ‘Recruiter’ Wants to Charge You? Please don’t hand over any money! Register with reputable agencies and job portals to continue your search instead. If you wish to, you can report them to the Ministry by calling +971-680-27666 / 80060 or via the official MOHRE website.

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