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4 Reasons to Use an RPO Service to Recruit Your Banking Teams

by Pegah Gol in career
In competitive sectors like banking and technology, finding consistently great candidates to fill your talent pipeline isn't easy.  There's so much to do, from working on your employer brand to handling job advertising and posting. Wouldn't it be easier if someone managed the headache of recruitment for you? That's precisely what an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) service does.  As a specialist RPO provider, Flow has years of experience creating simple and straightforward hiring solutions for our clients. We can help with everything from onboarding and human resource information management, to candidate screening.  As the demand for excellent employees continues to outweigh supply, it's no wonder that RPO services...

What Makes a Great Technology Project Manager?

by Mark Nancarrow in career
In a world of digital transformation, the demand for technology talent is growing. Project managers are the people in your workforce that drive productivity and results. They execute complex projects to assist your organisation in reaching its goals. Here at Flow, we're specialists at placing leadership-level candidates into the technology and finance sectors. To guide our clients towards the right hiring decisions, we've put together this insight into the traits that define incredible tech project managers.   1. They Are Strategic Business Partners  As technology continues to become more crucial in every aspect of business operation, tech project managers are increasingly responsible for guiding the growth of the business...

The 5 Secrets to Hiring Great FinTech Professionals

by Pegah Gol in career
Technology is changing the world.Companies with access to the right tech talent can access the innovation they need to delight customers and stay ahead of the competition.  Unfortunately, there's a severe shortage in the number of relevant candidates available, particularly in the FinTech industry.  FinTech staff combine highly specialist financial and accounting skills with state-of-the-art agile technology.  FinTech employees can accelerate business outcomes, improve efficiency in the workforce, and construct strategies for long-term success. The question is, how do you hire the best candidates?   1. Know Which Technical Elements to Look For  The key to any successful talent acquisition strategy is knowing what you're looking for. FinTech...

Can Your Employer Brand Attract the Best FinTech Pros in the Market?

by Mark Nancarrow in career
The FinTech industry is growing.  Global investment in the sector rose to $24 billion in 2016, as more companies discover the benefits of combining their technical and financial strategies.   Of course, you can only take advantage of the real power of FinTech, when you have access to the right talent. Your employer brand is one of the elements helping you to attract and retain the ideal people.  According to LinkedIn, the right employer brand can even reduce cost per hire by 43%. Here's how you can determine if your employer brand is having the right impact.   1. Audit Your Employer Brand   An employer brand...

The 5 (Key) Banking Services Trends to Look Out for in the UAE

by Ana Alborte in career
A proficiency for transformation and innovation keeps the UAE ahead of the curve.  The UAE embraces new technology faster than the West in all areas, including banking services according to a report by HSBC. The global research survey "Trust in Technology" examined financial services in 11 countries to find that people from the UAE are pioneers in technology adoption.  Access to talent with the most recent technical skills, as well as an overarching feeling of "optimism" towards technology in the UAE keeps industries evolving at a rapid pace.  So far in 2019, we've already begun to see new trends emerging in banking services, changing the way companies search...
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