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How You Can Stand Out in Your Technology Role this Year

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Whether you're a blockchain analyst or a Technology Project Manager, we all want to stand out at work.  The more you rise above the crowd, the more likely you are to earn the promotion you've been craving, impress your business leaders and win extra accolades for your CV.  However, excelling in your role means committing to a lot more than simply showing up at the office on time and making sure you meet your deadlines. Taking the next step in your career means looking for ways to prove yourself to your employer and yourself in everything that you do. Now that the new year...

6 Strategies to Know Your Worth

by Pegah Gol in career
The world is brimming with intelligent, hard-working people committed to accomplishing great things. As new opportunities emerge throughout the industry, many financial professionals are struggling to determine their value in the current marketplace. Knowing your worth is a crucial component in any career plan, whether you're trying to make sure that you're applying for the right roles, or you just need help negotiating a salary. Collaborating with a specialist recruitment company like Flow, that knows its way around the finance sector is a good start.  However, there are some other ways that you can make sure that you know your value too.  1. Examine the...

Why A Specialist Fintech Recruiter Is Now A ‘Must Have’ Recruitment Priority

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Finance and technology companies have a choice to make. The competition for talent is fierce, so organisations in this sector need to have an extremely focused recruitment strategy that delivers the high calibre workforce required in the UAE and beyond. Some financial and technology organisations are still relying on generalist recruiters, but they do so at their peril.  A specialist finance and technology recruiter is tapped into the sector, its opportunities and challenges, its key players and its potential pipeline.  The finance, technology and insurance markets are exceptionally specialised, so why risk a generalist to source your next generation of talent?  Here are some of the core reasons you should retain a specialist recruiter.  They...

How to Handle Difficult Conversations With Your Fintech Team

by Mark Nancarrow in career
It may be natural to fear having difficult conversations at work, but this negative mindset is not helpful to either party and can lead to a pattern of avoidance and problematic manager-team relationships.  To succeed in a fintech management role, you must learn to rise above the noise in your head to create a calm, clear, and decisive strategy for approaching delicate conversations in the workplace.  Propose the Meeting in a Professional and Thoughtful Way  Often the challenge lines are drawn even before the meeting starts, which is both unhelpful and unnecessary. Don’t ‘go in’ harshly, as it will only make the person defensive or nervous - which is unlikely to lead to a positive outcome. Here are some possible options...

How To Write A Job Description For A Fintech Role

by Mark Nancarrow in career
In today's market, the job description is king when it comes to attracting talent for your organisation; whether that be a Business Analyst role or Head of Digital Transformation. According to the latest talent report from LinkedIn, almost 90% of their members would be open to an approach from a recruitment professional for the ‘right’ role. Considering this, how do you make your vacancy stand out as the ‘right’ position to the financial and technology talent you want to attract?  You develop a great job description. The Role of Your Job Description: Sell Your Company And The Opportunity Fact: A job description in today’s hiring landscape helps to pre-sell your position. Though financial talent will move for significant roles...
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