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What Hiring Managers Are Looking For From The Banking Talent They Recruit

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Over our last series of blogs, we have shared how to work your way through the career development process from deciding to move, to the interview process, itself.  The one thing I wanted to address today is precisely what is your hiring manager or hiring team looking for and how can you demonstrate you are the person for both the role and future opportunities with their organisation.  This is where it helps to get inside the head of an interviewer and put yourself in their shoes.  If you were hiring for your own company, what traits and skills would you be looking for? I suspect you will come up with most of the ideas we are...

How To Onboard Your New Banking And Technology Talent The ‘Right’ Way Part 2

by Mark Nancarrow in career
In a previous post, we shared part one of our onboarding series, and you can find it here.We revealed the data on onboarding and the many benefits for your organisation once you have a good process in place. Today we are continuing with how to take onboarding to the next level from month three and beyond. During the First 3 Months (90 Days)  The most successful onboarding programmes don't happen overnight. It can take several months to welcome someone into your space. During the first three months, remember to check in frequently, schedule interviews, and give your employees plenty of opportunities to air any concerns they may...

How To Onboard Your New Banking And Technology Talent The ‘Right’ Way Part 1

by Mark Nancarrow in career
This topic is so critical to any organisation that wants to get the best out of their new hires and ensure an engaged workforce that we have written two posts for you. The topic? Onboarding talent. Today’s workforce expects so much more from their employer, and it starts before they even join your organisations. So, let’s explore the critical topic of onboarding. Finding the right candidate for your technology or banking team is only the first stage in a successful hiring process. Once you've delivered the job offer, you need a plan to engage and empower your new employee from day one. According to SHRM, 50% of people leave their...

How to Find an Employer That Aligns with Your Values

by Pegah Gol in career
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), we spend a third of our adult lives at work. It only makes sense that we'd want to feel engaged and fulfilled by our jobs.  These days, it's not just a stable salary and a range of excellent benefits that candidates are searching for in a new role. Modern employees want to feel as though they're pursuing their passions, promoting their interests and making a difference with what they do.  Around 83% of millennials say that business success must be measured not just by financial performance, but also by the impact they have on society...

How You Can Stand Out in Your Technology Role this Year

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Whether you're a blockchain analyst or a Technology Project Manager, we all want to stand out at work.  The more you rise above the crowd, the more likely you are to earn the promotion you've been craving, impress your business leaders and win extra accolades for your CV.  However, excelling in your role means committing to a lot more than simply showing up at the office on time and making sure you meet your deadlines. Taking the next step in your career means looking for ways to prove yourself to your employer and yourself in everything that you do. Now that the new year...
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