Signs of a Great Tech Company to Look Out for During an Interview

Signs of a Great Tech Company to Look Out for During an Interview

When you’re in the process of changing tech jobs, it is always worth having some insider recruitment knowledge as to what to look for in your next employer.

You might have a specific goal in mind. For example, you might want to work for a larger organisation than your current employer, or you might have your sights set on a specific salary range.

Whatever your goals are, there are some markers that you should look out for which will indicate that the tech company you are interviewing with is one that will help further your career.

There are some ‘great’ tech companies out there, and there are organisations at the other end of the scale; this article is all about helping you to recognise the signs which differentiate them.

Let me start with an insight into what the interview process should look like.

A Succinct Interview Process

Any great employer knows that their interview process is a tool to gain a competitive advantage in the job market. That means that they should be doing their utmost to make the process as efficient as possible for you, the tech talent they are hoping to employ.

Have you ever experienced what you would describe as a sub-standard interview process? Did a hiring manager send inconsistent messages? Did the process take far too long? Was the interviewer unclear on, or unable to provide an answer for, specific topics?

A great interview process looks like this-

  • You are provided with all the information you need about the role and the interview itself; who will be interviewing you and what you need to prepare.
  • You are contacted by the hiring manager or your recruiter at every step of the process.
  • You are always kept in the loop regarding decisions, and if you have been successful or unsuccessful going forward to the next step, you are told at the earliest available opportunity.
  • The interview process is not overly-long. The optimum time that has been identified from start to finish is 23 days. However, tech companies often miss this target, with some of the most protracted interview processes which can last up to 54 days.

A Focus on Responsibilities

Being transparent with what your role and responsibilities will entail during the interview are signs of a great employer. 

Due to the fast-paced nature of tech, the exact role and duties may be still emerging and liable to change. Because of this, it sometimes happens that the position that the company outlined in the job description is not a wholly accurate representation of the real duties you will be expected to carry out.

This can happen when the company has not outlined, or been completely clear with candidates, and often occurs due to the absence of a recruiter.

So what indicates that the employer you are interviewing with has competent authority on what they expect from you? They should be able to speak in great detail about what they expect from you at increments, usually a three, six and 12-month plan (and beyond). They will be able to answer any questions you might have for clarity on the role, such as-

  • Which department/team members will I be working most closely with?
  • What does success in this role look like to you?
  • What are your expected career progression milestones for me in this role?

When you work with a dedicated tech recruiter, because they work so closely with the organisation and their HR department, this eradicates any confusion over what the position entails. This is particularly important in tech companies, as smaller and start-up roles are prone to fast change and larger organisations sometimes struggle with communication between teams, plus the added challenge of working with very new and emerging technologies.

An Insight Into The Company Culture

Finally, a crucial part of the interview should focus on allowing you to see first hand what the culture in the company is like, allowing both you and the interviewer(s) to gauge if you will be a good ‘fit’.

Research has found that 73% of people have left a job because of a poor culture fit.

It can be easy to yes to a job that seems right on the surface, as I mentioned earlier, if it’s going to provide you with the salary you have been aiming for, or if it’s in the size and type of company you want.

But overlooking if you truly fit into the company culture can be a big mistake. This is why it’s always advisable to work with a recruiter for your next tech role. Your recruiter will be able to handpick roles in organisations that they know you will thrive in, due to their knowledge gained from their close ties with a wide variety of tech companies in your area.

What Next?

Now you know what a great tech employer’s recruitment process should look like, how do you get on their radar?

You can start by contacting a tech recruiter.

Here at Flow, we help find the ‘right’ employers for talented tech candidates looking to further their career.

If you are currently looking for your next tech role in the UAE, get in contact with us today to find out what your available options are.



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