Why It Has Never Been a Better Time to Work With a Tech Recruiter

Work With a Tech Recruiter

There is a big difference between hiring an ‘A’ player for your team and hiring a ‘B’ or ‘C’ player to fill a key position.

With the tech skills shortage affecting many organisations, employers realise the value, and in many cases, the necessity of working with a tech recruiter to find the best candidate for the job.

In every sector, there are great employees and ones that aren’t so great, when you use a recruiter, you protect your business from the potential harm of hiring the wrong employee, and then the time trying to correct your mistake.

With an upsurge in tech companies calling on recruiters to help them fill essential positions, this has prompted me to write this blog post, where I will go through the reasons why an increasing amount of companies are using external tech recruiters.

A Strategic Partnership in a Time of Change

The UAE tech sector is growing rapidly – this year, there will be 50 billion smart devices in use across the globe, all collecting and sharing data.

For banking technology, the likes of Blockchain, AI and machine learning are disrupting the very nature of this industry, with new start-ups always threatening larger organisations – how futureproofed is your company?

During times of fast growth, it is never more important to keep your eye on the daily operations of your business, as your success depends entirely on your team. When we look back at the initial dotcom bubble of the late nineties, it was the companies who neglected their teams which fell first.

Taking on the ‘wrong’ employees in your tech team during a time when your company is enjoying growth can be costly. The cost of re-hiring an employee who leaves is estimated to be as much as 33% of the employee’s salary, this can be a crippling amount for smaller companies, and is never a welcome expense no matter how massive your turnover.

Working with a tech recruiter to be a strategic partner will save you time, and money, in the long run. Tech companies who partner with great recruiters come to view their services as an extension of their internal HR department, rather than an external service – this is the desirable situation tech companies who want to recruit top talent in 2020 should aim for.

What do Tech Candidates Want?

A big part of hiring the ‘right’ tech candidate is the ability to ascertain if they are willing to stay and grow with your company, or if they are using it as a stepping stone to something bigger and ‘better’?

An excellent tech recruiter will have a database of candidates that they have close relationships with, and they understand what truly motivates them.

Throughout the hiring process, it can be easy for hiring managers to focus on the fact that the role will provide the candidate with a higher salary and more responsibility than their current position offers.

But is this what tech candidates want?

The truth is that tech employees are motivated by much more than just their salary. Tech stars want to be working on the very latest and most innovative projects. Attracting new employees with a big salary can seem like a good idea to increase interest in your positions, but if you are attracting employees who are ultimately not a good fit either in their attitude, skill set, or values – again, this will be costly in the long run in re-hiring fees.

Calibre of Tech Candidates

So how can the best recruiters add more value to your tech company than an in-house recruiting department?

Their industry contacts, previous search knowledge and different sources that your tech company will not have access to are some of the main benefits.

The candidates that they can source for you will all be ‘A’ players; it is a choice between excellence and mediocrity.

One of the biggest problems tech companies are currently facing is the skills shortage in critical roles.

In the UAE, it is estimated that major markets will miss out on US$ 14.46 billion this year due to skills shortages in key roles, and a recent LinkedIn survey found that 11 our of the UAEs top 15 jobs are in the tech sector.

With such a shortage of talent to fill these tech roles, companies are starting to realise the importance of working with a recruiter to find the very best candidates for their vacancies; these are often passive candidates who would not have otherwise put themselves forward.


Whatever level of vacancy you have in your tech organisation, can you ever afford to hire anything less than an ‘A’ player? Only the best candidates will add value to your business, and the cost of making the wrong hire can run into the thousands and have damaging repercussions throughout the company.

These are some of the main reasons tech companies are increasingly using tech recruiters – when it comes to hiring for your next vacancy, get in contact with Flow to discover how our recruitment services will help locate the right candidate for the role.



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