The 7 Secrets to Ensuring Tech Candidates Always Say Yes to Offers

Ensuring Tech Candidates Always Say Yes

There has been an increasing global skills shortage, leading to many UAE employers struggling to onboard the Tech talent they need.

The UAE is currently a hotbed for Tech activity. After growing sharply since 2017, the UAE is now home to one-third of Tech startups in the MENA region. The number of Tech organisations in the area is set to reach 1,845 by 2022, a rise of 230 per cent since 2015.

But with immense growth comes a recruitment issue – many employers find it difficult to recruit the talent they need, with companies competing for the same pool of talent.

If you have struggled to recruit the Tech professionals you need to drive your organisation forward, here is my advice on how to get these candidates to say ‘yes’.

  1. Know Your Demographic

First of all, your company must be aware of the type of candidate you are looking to onboard. You cannot be all things to all people, so determining what kind of candidate you are looking for is essential.

Define your candidate avatar by identifying the following –

  • what role(s) you are looking to fill
  • what kind of educational and employment background should the candidate have
  • if they are a leader or a quieter, more innovative individual
  • if they need to live locally or can they work remotely

Once you have identified your candidate avatar, you can create a job advert which speaks to them directly.

  • Create Engaging Job Adverts

An engaging job advert should do two things – it should advertise the available role, but it should also speak directly to the demographic of candidates you are looking to recruit.

Tech employees value their skills highly, so you must appeal to their interests if you want to attract top talent.

Keep it under 700 words – anything too long can turn candidates away. Acting like you would be doing the candidate a favour by employing them is also highly discouraged, so be welcoming, transparent and engaging in the way you describe the role.

  • Let Employees Get to Know Candidates

Once you are into the interviewing stage, a great way to assimilate top candidates into your company before they say yes to your job offer is to give them an experience of your organisation.

Candidates are far more likely to accept a job offer if they can visualise themselves in your organisation. A short section during or after the interview where the candidate can engage with your current employees is a great way to establish essential bonds early.

  • Demonstrate a Culture of Innovation

One of the most significant reasons Tech employees give for looking for a new role is to flex their innovation muscle.

Tech candidates live and breathe innovation, so savvy fast-paced environments are a real lure for them. Ensure that the technology in your business reflects the level of innovation in your products and services.

You should be demonstrating the innovative culture of your business through your employer brand – let’s take a closer look.

  • Maintain a Strong Employer Brand

When speaking with Tech candidates, there can be a big difference in the way candidates talk about companies with strong employer brands vs those with less prominent reputations.

Your employer brand should position you as a UAE Tech organisation at the forefront of the sector, with the most exciting and innovative opportunities.

Does the public profile of your organisation position you as a leader in creativity, growth and agility? What is your social media engagement like? Do you have a high online employer review score from previous employees?

These are all elements to keep track of if you want to maintain a strong employer brand which gets candidates excited about the prospect of working for you.

  • Be Transparent

Being transparent during your recruiting helps candidates know that you are a trustworthy, professional organisation. Even unsuccessful candidates who have a positive experience of dealing with your company will be left with a good long-lasting impression, leading them to spread the word to colleagues and peers, and even apply again in future.

This helps to fill your talent pipeline, as you become known as an excellent company to deal with. Including transparency as a core part of your recruitment process will allow you to onboard and retain top candidates with ease.

Finally – a recruiting tip that many organisations overlook which can turn candidates away at any stage.

  • Keep in Touch

During the recruitment process, you must stay in contact with all of your candidates at every stage.

One of the chief complaints candidates have of the recruitment process is that it takes too long and that they are left in the dark regarding their status.

Keep in touch every few days to update candidates as to where the recruitment process is. You can even tell them how many more days of interviews you have left, and it always helps to give an estimation of when the next stages will be. A great candidate who is left in the dark for a week can quickly become a lost cause – 25% of candidates lose interest in your company if they receive no contact in the week after the interview.

What Next?

What do candidates think of your employer brand? How long is your recruitment process? How effective are your job adverts?

If you need help from the experts when recruiting for your next Tech positions – we can help.

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