The 6 Most (Revealing) FinTech Interview Questions of All Time

Most (Revealing) FinTech Interview Questions of All Time

When you’re interviewing for a new tech employee, whether it’s an Integration Developer, a Product Owner or a Relationship Manager, there are specific points that you must explore during the recruitment process.

There are many reasons why the tech recruitment process doesn’t go as the hiring manager had planned. The candidates that make it through to the interview might not be quite right for the position, in terms of their skills and abilities or their culture fit.

Additionally, the hiring manager might lack the experience to conduct a thorough enough interview, pulling out critical information to make the right decision.

We work closely with Fintech companies, matching them with the candidates that they need. In doing this, we have been able to compile this list of the essential Fintech interview questions of all time. These questions will help you to easily separate the good candidates from the great ones, and make an informed decision.

So let’s start at the beginning of the interview.

  • Introduce Yourself

A seemingly innocuous question, this is a great way to find out information about your candidate that it might be harder to pull out from other questions.

The answer is essential here – it’s all about how they introduce themselves. It should be a brief overview of how their career has gone thus far, but most importantly, it should highlight their knowledge, skills and resilience.

They should mention their current situation and why coming to work for your Fintech company will be beneficial both for them and for your business in the long-run.

  • What Can You Bring to This Role? (That Others Can’t)

Next, asking the candidate what they can bring to this role is a great way to find out what they consider to be their best attributes. It gives them a chance to mention anything they feel would be beneficial to your company that other questions might not have ascertained.

They could be working on a personal project and want to talk about what they have learned, or they might have spotted something when researching your company that they want to talk about such as the development of a product or knowledge of a specific client.

  • What Was the Last Thing You Taught Yourself?

As a Fintech employer, you shouldn’t be solely interested in what the candidate has learned from their previous positions; you should also be focusing on how they plan to develop themselves and grow with your company.

It’s essential in the world of Fintech that your employees are always hungry to learn and develop their skills, whether that’s their architect skills, developing new apps or learning about the latest cyber defence issues.

A candidate who is always teaching themselves new skills will be an asset to your team.

  • Tell Us About a Fintech Problem You Have Encountered (and Solved)

This question is not about asking the candidate about their weaknesses and where previous projects went wrong; it is about finding out how they approach difficulties in coding, developing or any other aspect of their role.

You can ascertain a lot from a candidate when you ask them about how they approach problem-solving. Success in Fintech relies upon forward-thinkers who can quickly solve problems, so you need someone who has a proven track record of thinking fast to resolve issues when they arise.

  • What’s Your Passion?

This might seem like a trick question – but it’s not. The candidate might want to talk about their work, their previous successes and what aspects of technology and Fintech excite them.

However, they might want to talk about something from their personal life, a hobby or interest which will give you an extra insight into their character. If they tell you about a hobby that requires patience and practice, such as learning an instrument, this shows that they are dedicated and hardworking. An extreme sport lets you know that they are not afraid to take risks.

  • Why Do You Want to Work For Us?

Finally, this question should aim to find out how much research the candidate has done into your company, which directly relates to how much they want the job.

There are lots of tech companies all competing from the same pool of talent, particularly in the UAE, and some candidates apply to a variety of roles to keep their options open. The best Fintech hire to make is the candidate who is invested in your company, who has researched it and believes they can help your business grow.


Do you need assistance with your Fintech hiring process? Perhaps the calibre of candidates that you have attracted was not as you’d hoped, or you need help with your recruitment process.

If you are struggling to attract and retain Fintech talent, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help. We help Fintech companies in the UAE locate and hire the candidates that will drive your business forward.



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