Is It Time To Look For Another Recruitment Company?

Let’s say your recruitment company sent you 10 CVs for an IT project manager role; how many of those CVs would you expect to lead to an interview?

You probably answered 5; after all, a recruitment specialist who truly understands your sector should be able to deliver a ratio of at least 50% on average. However, the reality is that most companies probably get something closer to 20% CV to interview ratio – not great numbers, considering the amount of time and money invested.

The piece that’s easy to forget here, is that not all recruitment companies are the same. There are generalist recruiters who find candidates for a wide range of jobs and industries, and there are specialist recruitment companies who excel in finding candidates for a particular industry or location and typically recruit for higher-level roles within a niche area. However, there are also generalist recruiters who pretend to be specialists, which is where things can be confusing.

So how does your current recruitment partner measure up? Are they a specialist, or are they a generalist in disguise? A quality specialist recruitment company like Flow Financial & Technology should be able to demonstrate the following qualities.

They Have A Thorough And Consistent Process

Any specialist recruiter worth their salt should have a thorough and consistent recruitment process in place.  In addition to keeping up with the recruitment trends within your industry, a specialist will have a robust and methodical strategy in place, which they can articulate to you.

Because they have a comprehensive and current database of industry contacts and potential candidates, they will know exactly where to look for qualified candidates. For instance, they should know exactly where to look to find a qualified vendor specialist for your financial institution who is able to onboard vendors and oversee all day-to-day vendor operations.

They Truly Understand Your Industry

Specialist recruiters have a thorough understanding of a specific industry. This means they are familiar with industry terminology and know all the key players, enabling them to answer with authority any questions you might ask them on the subject.

The adage that knowledge is power is especially true in recruitment, which is why working with a specialist recruiter is now a must have. The more a recruitment organisation and their consultants know about your sector, the more accurate their recommendations will be, allowing you to find the right candidate with the right skills to build your talent pipeline.

They Have Valuable Connections And Networks

A specialist recruiter in the finance sector will be actively engaged with business leaders and analysts, keeping up to date with all the latest industry news and trends. As the landscape of the finance sector continues to change, it’s essential for specialist recruiters to keep abreast of the latest trends so that they can find talent with the right sets of skills.

If you’re looking for a Business Continuity Manager, for example, your recruitment company should be able to find you the right candidate who has the skills and experience to organize and coordinate all CM&BC-related tests, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements with CM&BC topics, while supporting and actively collaborating with regional initiatives.

They Have Built Long-Lasting Relationships

A good recruitment company will have a solid reputation within their area and industry, with a proven track record of successful placements in the membership sector.

In addition to the relationships they have forged with leaders within their area of speciality, your recruitment company should have excellent ongoing relationships with their candidates. As candidates are often placed more than once throughout the course of their careers, a specialist recruiter will go out of their way to build solid working relationships with them.

This also allows recruiters to understand their candidates’ motivations and drivers better; because they know the type of benefits and perks that candidates are looking for, they are better able to identify the best role in which they will excel and develop their finance career.



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