How to Write a Standout CV

How to Write a Standout CV

As we enter a new decade, there is so much to look forward to in the world of fintech – in fact, it’s only just getting started.

The disruptive technologies that have emerged in recent years are already being built upon. There is a new wave of technology stars rising through the ranks who have the skills to take fintech to the next level.

With the focus in 2020 and beyond set to be around the use of data-driven development, AI, wealth tech and user experience (UX), how can technology candidates ensure their CVs stand out to the employers they are hoping to work for?

In today’s blog, I want to share with you how to write a standout CV that will help you to land your next technology role, using the latest trends and competitive recruitment knowledge to get you noticed by the companies who can propel your career forward.

Let me start with one of the most common tech CV mistakes to avoid, and then I will run through what you need to include on your CV to get noticed by employers in 2020.

List Your Responsibilities, AND Your Achievements

This is one of the mistakes which stops great candidates from progressing past the initial application stage.

While the tech sector continues to grow, there is still a skills gap in some of the most in-demand roles. As you progress your career to a more experienced, higher-paid position, the competition gets tougher – your CV needs to be more impressive than the other candidates.

To do this – I suggest a super personalised CV. Many candidates still fall into the trap of listing their previous responsibilities, but failing to highlight their achievements.

For example, if you are applying for a security architect role, instead of stating “I implemented information security governance and worked closely with stakeholders” you should mention how your information security governance helped your company to monitor and manage data integrity violations. Or state that your ability to go above and beyond what the stakeholders expected was instrumental in them renewing contracts. 

Hyper-Personalisation: Big Data and AI

While the use of big data, CRM and AI technology to personalise customer experiences is not a new concept, it is only set to get bigger and bigger.

Tech employers are looking for candidates who live and breathe hyper-personalisation. Your CV should include plenty of experience of using big data, CRM and AI software to predict which products and services the customer wants, even before they do.

As well as being able to work with and develop intelligent systems to help the business achieve their goals, fintech candidates should also be able to demonstrate their innate understanding of how vital AI is in delivering an excellent customer experience, which brings me on to my next point.

Put the User First

2020 is going to be all about the user experience. Employers are looking for evidence that you are a candidate who will drive their products and services towards the customer.

Keeping the customer happy is harder than ever, with an increasing amount of banks and financial companies offering a vast range of services. When a customer is choosing who to give their customer to, they are not willing to accept anything less than the easiest, fastest services and apps.

So on your CV, ensure that you emphasise how you can use your skills to nurture existing customers and help to secure new ones by always striving to provide the best user experience.

Demonstrate Resilience

The UAE is the epicentre of technology growth in the MENA – with rising investments, cross-industry partnerships, and high smartphone ownership among young, tech-savvy users. The banking technology sector in the MENA is set to grow to $2.5 billion this year, a growth of 270% on last year.

With businesses growing at such a dramatic rate, there is a constant need for skilled employees in this emerging sector. Your CV should highlight the experience of your ability to be flexible and resilient in this highly changeable sector.

A CV which shows that you have remained working on the same project or in the same position for several years will be less desirable to employers than one which demonstrates that you have worked on some fast-paced projects, and have helped the business embrace change and new technologies.


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