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Fintech Recruiting: The Benefits and Perks that Candidates Want Now and In the Future

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Fintech is a game-changing industry, transforming the way that we look at both technology and the finance sector. As ideas around financial technology like digital banking become more popular, competition for the right talent to fill company employment gaps is growing too. Even traditional institutions are beginning to notice the disruption in the field.  If you're ready to start developing your fintech recruitment process, or you're a candidate in search of the ideal job opportunity, perks and benefits are some of the most important things to be aware of. Here are the benefits that candidates in the fintech sector will be searching for, both today and...

9 Ways To Become a Better Banking Leader

by Pegah Gol in career
Leadership is a challenge and one that is continually changing and demanding new things of you. Banking combined with the technology sector is a dynamic and challenging industry, and it can be hard to know the quickest route to becoming a great leader.  Here are nine suggestions on how to join the ranks of the best finance leaders.  1. Become a better listener Listening well is a fine art, but it’s one few ever learn. Many leaders consider their role to be more about ‘telling’ than listening, but those finance leaders who want to get the most out of their employees will know that it’s really the other way around. Welcome and seek out the ideas, suggestions, opinions...

Are Your Banking and Technology Interview Skills Letting You Down?

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Your CV has won you an interview, which means it’s time to get serious about maximising your chances of landing the role.  In the ever-changing banking and technology fields proof of results are all that truly matters, and the same rule applies for interviews in this sector, where you need to show that you’ve researched the company in detail and are ready to prove your worth with data and concise, hard-hitting examples of your past success.  In truth, if it’s taking you less than a full day to prepare for your interview, you’re probably not sufficiently ready to win the role against other top-tier candidates.  Here’s...

The 3 Little Known Facts That Can Affect Your Fintech Recruiting Process

by Mark Nancarrow in career
The battle for talent in the fast-growing finance and technology sectors is fierce, and only intensifying as the skill shortage grows.  In a rapidly changing fintech marketplace, only the fittest will survive—and the fittest are those who manage to secure the best financial, technology and insurance talent. Here are three little-known facts that can make or break your recruitment strategy.  1. Culture is STILL less understood than it should be. Company culture is one of the great buzzwords of our time, and companies who take the care to create an attractive culture are effective in attracting and retaining skilled finance and tech talent candidates. Given the attention ‘company culture’ has been getting, it’s hard to say this one...

What Makes a Great Product Manager in the Technology Sector?

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Product managers exist at the centre of design, engineering, and marketing.  These people support the growth and evolution of a business, by helping companies to support and serve the needs of their customers. Creating and promoting amazing products is a complicated job, and today's forward-thinking product managers are under more pressure than ever, thanks to the current age of digital transformation.  As technology recruitment specialists, Flow Talent has placed countless amazing product managers into companies throughout the UAE. Here are the characteristics that our clients consider to be crucial for candidates in this ever-evolving position.  1. Technical Skills  Perhaps the most obvious skill that...
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