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How to Handle Difficult Conversations With Your Fintech Team

by Mark Nancarrow in career
It may be natural to fear having difficult conversations at work, but this negative mindset is not helpful to either party and can lead to a pattern of avoidance and problematic manager-team relationships.  To succeed in a fintech management role, you must learn to rise above the noise in your head to create a calm, clear, and decisive strategy for approaching delicate conversations in the workplace.  Propose the Meeting in a Professional and Thoughtful Way  Often the challenge lines are drawn even before the meeting starts, which is both unhelpful and unnecessary. Don’t ‘go in’ harshly, as it will only make the person defensive or nervous - which is unlikely to lead to a positive outcome. Here are some possible options...

How To Write A Job Description For A Fintech Role

by Mark Nancarrow in career
In today's market, the job description is king when it comes to attracting talent for your organisation; whether that be a Business Analyst role or Head of Digital Transformation. According to the latest talent report from LinkedIn, almost 90% of their members would be open to an approach from a recruitment professional for the ‘right’ role. Considering this, how do you make your vacancy stand out as the ‘right’ position to the financial and technology talent you want to attract?  You develop a great job description. The Role of Your Job Description: Sell Your Company And The Opportunity Fact: A job description in today’s hiring landscape helps to pre-sell your position. Though financial talent will move for significant roles...

The 6 Critical Interview Questions You Should Ask Your Banking Candidates

by Pegah Gol in career
Sometimes, one of the best things a company can do to improve their hiring strategy is to make sure they're asking the correct questions during the interview. This is particularly important when it comes to filling gaps in relatively evolving sectors like Banking.A strong interview process, equipped with the correct questions, gives hiring managers the chance to determine the true potential of their candidates. Here at Flow Talent, our expertise with placing candidates in Banking roles has allowed us to discover the following crucial questions to ask during the interview process.   1. Describe Your Greatest Professional Achievement  This question goes beyond showing you what a candidate has accomplished during their time...

What Makes a Great IT Project Manager?

by Mark Nancarrow in career
A great IT project manager is a crucial member of any team. Responsible for executing projects according to a specific budget and time frame, these employees keep an entire business running smoothly.  As specialists in recruitment for the finance and technology sector, the team at Flow are experts at finding and placing exceptional IT project managers into the correct roles. We know how to find leaders in the technical space that will go above and beyond to drive the crucial outcomes of a business.  Here are some of the traits that we've discovered in the most exceptional IT project managers.  1. They're Highly Knowledgeable  Excellent project managers need to be...

Fintech Recruiting: The Benefits and Perks that Candidates Want Now and In the Future

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Fintech is a game-changing industry, transforming the way that we look at both technology and the finance sector. As ideas around financial technology like digital banking become more popular, competition for the right talent to fill company employment gaps is growing too. Even traditional institutions are beginning to notice the disruption in the field.  If you're ready to start developing your fintech recruitment process, or you're a candidate in search of the ideal job opportunity, perks and benefits are some of the most important things to be aware of. Here are the benefits that candidates in the fintech sector will be searching for, both today and...
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