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The 3 Little Known Facts That Can Affect Your Fintech Recruiting Process

by Mark Nancarrow in career
The battle for talent in the fast-growing finance and technology sectors is fierce, and only intensifying as the skill shortage grows.  In a rapidly changing fintech marketplace, only the fittest will survive—and the fittest are those who manage to secure the best financial, technology and insurance talent. Here are three little-known facts that can make or break your recruitment strategy.  1. Culture is STILL less understood than it should be. Company culture is one of the great buzzwords of our time, and companies who take the care to create an attractive culture are effective in attracting and retaining skilled finance and tech talent candidates. Given the attention ‘company culture’ has been getting, it’s hard to say this one...

What Makes a Great Product Manager in the Technology Sector?

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Product managers exist at the centre of design, engineering, and marketing.  These people support the growth and evolution of a business, by helping companies to support and serve the needs of their customers. Creating and promoting amazing products is a complicated job, and today's forward-thinking product managers are under more pressure than ever, thanks to the current age of digital transformation.  As technology recruitment specialists, Flow Talent has placed countless amazing product managers into companies throughout the UAE. Here are the characteristics that our clients consider to be crucial for candidates in this ever-evolving position.  1. Technical Skills  Perhaps the most obvious skill that...

The Ultimate Guide to Developing Your Banking Career

by Pegah Gol in career
As digital transformation has changed the world we live in, introducing smart technology, digital development, and online engagement, new roles have appeared in companies for people who know how to manage everything from crowd-funding to blockchain. PwC studies show that the banking and technology industry is growing rapidly, with 82% of respondents planning to increase their Fintech partnerships in the next 4 years. With so much potential in the sector, ambitious candidates are beginning to consider how they can land a job in the Banking environment. As specialists in both banking and technology, the team at Flow Talent has the answer.   Step 1: Learn Everything You Can About...

What Leaders Must Consider When Growing Their Banking and Technology Teams 

by Mark Nancarrow in career
We previously spoke about the tech talent shortage, and what today's companies can do to attract the right candidates to their team. However, what happens when you need to grow both your banking and technology environments simultaneously? Whether you're looking for specialist Fintech employees, or you just want to improve your competitive edge in banking and technology simultaneously, there are many challenges to overcome. As the demand for specific skills increases, countless employers are struggling to find the people they need to take their organisations to the next level. Fortunately, the team at Flow Talent are here to help. We know what it takes to find and attract both banking and technology candidates...

How to Attract Technology Talent to Your Organisation

by Mark Nancarrow in career
The Middle East is facing a severe shortage of technology talent. As demand for cybersecurity experts and digital transformation specialists continues to grow, companies must work harder than ever to attract the right people to their teams.  A specialist recruitment company like Flow can find and direct the right candidates to your business, but you'll still need to develop your employer value proposition if you want those people to say "yes" to your job offer.  Here, we'll look at just some of the ways you can improve your chances of a successful talent acquisition strategy.   1. Get Creative with Your Recruitment Process  When deciding whether...
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