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What Makes A Great Relationship Manager in the Banking Sector

by Ana Alborte in employer
A relationship manager is a critical part of a high-performing banking team.  These individuals become trusted advisers to important clients, helping to maximise long-term revenue opportunities and strengthen your brand reputation. Of course, not all relationship managers are created equal. To find the perfect person for your team, you'll need to learn how you can separate the sales superstars, from the rest of the pack.  A specialist banking recruitment expert is the easiest way to make sure that you get a refined selection of candidates from which to make your hiring decision. However, first, it helps to know which characteristics define a great relationship manager.   The Basic Soft Skills   An...

5 Reasons Why Candidates Decline Your Job Offer

by Mark Nancarrow in employer
Hiring the perfect employee isn't always as straightforward as you might hope. After all, just because you feel you've found the perfect candidate, doesn't mean that your candidate believes they've found the ideal employer. Companies assume that they should be the ones deciding who to hire and who to reject, yet the truth is that anywhere up to 50% of all job offers are rejected. Missing out on the chance to employ your ideal applicant is a frustrating experience. Not only are you presented with the expensive, and timely process of starting your search all over again, but your next...

7 Guaranteed Ways to Ensure Your New Hires Stay

by Pegah Gol in employer
While hiring the perfect new employee in a financial services setting can be challenging enough - holding onto those new staff members could be even more difficult.According to the latest data, more than a quarter of all job candidates (28%), are willing to leave their position within the first three months. On top of that, approximately 31% of new team members leave within 6 months of being hired.So, what's going wrong?The simple answer is that the world of employment is far different today than it was only a few years ago. As various crucial industries become increasingly desperate...
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