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5 Mistakes To Avoid In Building a Great Technology Team

by Mark Nancarrow in career
There are many steps involved in creating a successful technology team. After you've collaborated with a specialist recruitment company like Flow Talent to find your ideal candidates, you still need to make sure that you're creating an environment where your employees can thrive.   A dynamic, supportive and collaborative workplace ensures that your staff feel appreciated and happy with their careers. Engaged team members are less likely to leave your company for an alternative position, and they're more likely to go above and beyond to achieve business targets.   If your employees aren't achieving their real potential, the problem may lie with your company’s...

The Importance of Emiratisation and How Your Company Can Attract the Right UAE Nationals

by Mark Nancarrow in career
There’s no getting around it: Emiratisation is here to stay, and it’s the key to future economic growth in the region. While Emiratisation has been a high-profile and contentious topic among UAE-based companies for the last decade, it’s now becoming an increasingly important consideration for businesses recruiting in the UAE.  Officials and economists have long warned that the lavish government spending that has sustained a robust Emirati middle class for decades is simply not sustainable. The UAE’s continued economic viability requires guiding more Emiratis into self-sustaining private businesses and weaning them from state subsidies. In a bid to make the UAE more competitive in the global...

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Improve Your Interview Confidence

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Imagine the scene: you’ve finally got an interview for your dream job in technology - it’s a position you’ve been working toward (and dreaming of) for months. After a mostly sleepless night, the big day arrives, the hour is finally at hand; things are off to a good start - smiles all around, firm handshakes, plenty of eye-contact - and then the tough questions start being asked. You hesitate too long in answering one, stumble over your reply to another; soon you’re waffling endlessly - then you notice you’re sweating profusely, and your knee won’t stop shaking. You probably know how this...

What Hiring Managers Are Looking For From The Banking Talent They Recruit

by Pegah Gol in career
Over our last series of blogs, we have shared how to work your way through the career development process from deciding to move, to the interview process, itself.  The one thing I wanted to address today is precisely what is your hiring manager or hiring team looking for and how can you demonstrate you are the person for both the role and future opportunities with their organisation.  This is where it helps to get inside the head of an interviewer and put yourself in their shoes.  If you were hiring for your own company, what traits and skills would you be looking for? I suspect you will come up with most of the ideas we are...

How To Onboard Your New Finance And Technology Talent The ‘Right’ Way Part 2

by Mark Nancarrow in career
In a previous post, we shared part one of our onboarding series, and you can find it here.We revealed the data on onboarding and the many benefits for your organisation once you have a good process in place. Today we are continuing with how to take onboarding to the next level from month three and beyond. During the First 3 Months (90 Days)  The most successful onboarding programmes don't happen overnight. It can take several months to welcome someone into your space. During the first three months, remember to check in frequently, schedule interviews, and give your employees plenty of opportunities to air any concerns they may...
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