What Personality Traits Should You Hire into Your Organisation?

What Personality Traits Should You Hire into Your Organisation?

by Mark Nancarrow in career
You might have heard of the saying ‘hire for personality, train for skill’ but how true is this? In our experience, we say – VERY. 
You can train almost anyone up to be proficient in specific skills,
but there are personality traits that are impossible to teach. 

While the ideal candidate will have the skills and personality, these candidates can be hard to find. If you are faced with the choice between skills and personality, our experience tells us that you should hire on character, and then go about teaching the skills later. 

So, what personality traits should you be hiring in your organisation? 

1. Passionate and Enthusiastic 

A candidate with a genuine passion and enthusiasm for either the role or your company (and even better if they have both) is an invaluable trait, and that is something you cannot teach. 

A candidate who is passionate about the role or sector will put in more effort than a candidate who is better trained but who has lost their spark. And this does not necessarily mean hiring graduates or millennials. 

Banking technology has a reputation for being powered by a younger, more innovative workforce than some other sectors, however, recent research has found that while millennials are thought to be the most productive in the workplace, they can also be high maintenance, too. It is a fact that the most productive workplaces are made up of a diverse range of characters, ages, and genders. 

2. A Team Player 

We can’t understate how important it is to hire team players in your organisation. Now more than ever there is a focus on the importance of good company culture, and how a great company culture can attract the best calibre of candidates, which in turn leads to a better future for your organisation. 

Team members who are unwilling to listen to others, who are only out for themselves and who are unapproachable will only create a bad atmosphere in your business, which can lead to more serious problems such as staff taking time off for their mental health and worse – great staff who start looking for employment elsewhere. 

3. Adaptable 

In payment technology, adaptability is a key personality trait that is needed and again, something that is much harder to learn for people who are not naturally flexible. 
For a new hire, the ability to deal well with change is far more critical than existing skills and knowledge. Use the interview stages to find out how adept with change your candidate is. Even if they have been in one role for a long time, they might have been evolving with company systems, even driving them. 

Curiosity and the ability to say ‘I wonder what would happen if we tried it like this…’ is what drives the banking tech sector continually forwards.  

4. A Good Culture Fit 

As mentioned previously, diversity in the workplace provides you with a broader scope of talent and allows each team member to bring something different to the company – something that cannot be achieved when every member seems to be a clone of each other. 

However, it is essential for you as a leader to identify the parameters of your company culture and to actively employ staff who fit within the values and ethos that you want for your business.  

You should outline your company’s culture at the interview stage so that both you and the candidate is clear about what kind of workplace yours is. Do you have work lunches every week and encourage team members to socialise with one another? Or is it a more laid back and casual affair? Is the office noisy with chatter? Or do employees prefer silence? These are the things that can be a deal-breaker in determining whether a candidate is going to work out or not – far more than if they have the skills and experience for the role. 

5. Honest and Transparent 

Honesty and transparency is a big deal not just in today’s workplaces but the world in general. The championing of women in the workplace, the #Metoo movement, the rise of ethical companies across the globe all highlight, how, as a society, we are moving away from the hedonism of yesteryear and are looking to strip back our lives and realise what’s really important. 

Examples of the prevalence of honesty and transparency in business include the way Elon Musk tweets about his company and his goals; in the way companies are increasingly allowing their customers to look behind the scenes on their social media pages; in the ‘review culture’ which enables us to share our experiences of everything from online shopping to our previous employer. 

As the workplace moves further into a transparent territory, this means you will benefit greatly from hiring honest individuals into your company. Honesty doesn’t just mean telling the truth, it means being prepared to be held accountable, being prepared to take criticism and high levels of responsibility. 


We understand that sometimes finding the kind of candidates you want can be difficult. In the current candidate-short job market, many of the best candidates are ‘passive’ and not currently looking. It is the job of an accomplished recruitment company like us here at Flow Talent to assist your business find the candidates you have been looking for. If you need help compiling great candidate shortlist, get in touch with us today. 

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