What Makes a Great IT Project Manager?

What Makes a Great IT Project Manager?

by Mark Nancarrow in career
A great IT project manager is a crucial member of any team. Responsible for executing projects according to a specific budget and time frame, these employees keep an entire business running smoothly.  

As specialists in recruitment for the finance and technology sector, the team at Flow are experts at finding and placing exceptional IT project managers into the correct roles. We know how to find leaders in the technical space that will go above and beyond to drive the crucial outcomes of a business.  

Here are some of the traits that we've discovered in the most exceptional IT project managers. 

1. They're Highly Knowledgeable 

Excellent project managers need to be competent in many areas. First, a great project manager needs to know how to lead a team towards the goals of the organisation, by developing an understanding of the outcomes the company wants to accomplish. Project managers review the efficiency of the existing systems in place and look for ways to improve them.  

An IT project manager also needs a strong background in the Information Technology sector. Most will have at least a bachelor's degree in computer science. The best IT project manager candidate will even have experience with the technology and software the business uses on a regular basis. This will help with designing, configuring and testing new processes.  

2. Ability to Delegate and Organise 

Like any project manager, a great IT project manager also needs to be a charismatic and well-informed leader. When the rest of a professional team sees an expert that genuinely knows what they're doing in their space, it's very motivational.  

Some of the key leadership skills to look for during an interview include organisational abilities and a knowledge of how to delegate. Organisational abilities ensure that team leaders can keep everyone working towards the right goals, focusing on the most challenging tasks first. Delegation helps to deliver the correct tasks to the best people for the job. For instance, product managers may handle product development, while finance experts deal with the budget.  

3. Clear Communication 

Though IT project managers work in a leadership role, often making crucial decisions, they don't make those choices alone. A great project manager knows how to collect relevant information and share it with the team so that they can then gather input from the people around them. Liaisons with critical stakeholders regarding crucial building blocks like customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning are essential.  

Since bad communication is at the heart of many issues in a construction project, good project managers must always be able to communicate as effectively and clearly as possible with the people on their team. This means listening to workers, giving constructive criticism, and providing plenty of positive feedback too.  

4. They're Problem Solvers 

No matter how carefully an IT project manager plans their day, there's always a risk that something will go wrong. The best managers, therefore, know how to overcome almost any technical issue with their problem-solving skills. The ability to "adapt and overcome" is crucial to any project.  

Most projects don't go entirely according to plan all the time. As a project grows, the team learns new things about the technology available to them, and they begin to adjust as needed. A great project manager goes beyond problem-solving and brings transparency to their work too. By remaining straightforward in their communication, a robust IT project manager creates an environment where everyone can thrive.  

5. They're Team Players 

The most significant IT projects are rarely accomplished alone. Most successful projects rely on the support and cooperation of all the people in a group. Fortunately, a great IT project manager understands that it's their responsibility to foster and drive effective teamwork amongst their group. This means ensuring that everyone in the business environment is recognised and appreciated.  

Great IT project managers show their potential as a leader by getting to know their team members. In fact, during the interview process, the best candidates may even ask to meet the people that they would be working with every day. By getting to know the personal work style of each team member, project managers can build strong dimensional relationships, cultivate trust, and ensure that everyone works together effectively.  

6. Passion and Optimism 

Finally, the right attitude is critical in an IT project management environment. Negativity can often lead to issues with motivation and promote sub-standard work. In a complicated space like IT, it's easy for team members to feel overwhelmed and confused. Most employees will feel more comfortable following someone who inspires them. It's essential for project managers to maintain a positive attitude in this situation.  

Employees want to look up to leaders who are passionate about what they're doing. The best project managers demonstrate their enthusiasm for their work each day and share that attitude with the rest of their team

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