The Ultimate Guide to Developing Your Banking Career

The Ultimate Guide to Developing Your Banking Career

by Pegah Gol in career
As digital transformation has changed the world we live in, introducing smart technology, digital development, and online engagement, new roles have appeared in companies for people who know how to manage everything from crowd-funding to blockchain. 

PwC studies show that the banking and technology industry is growing rapidly, with 82% of respondents planning to increase their Fintech partnerships in the next 4 years. With so much potential in the sector, ambitious candidates are beginning to consider how they can land a job in the Banking environment. 

As specialists in both banking and technology, the team at Flow Talent has the answer.  

Step 1: Learn Everything You Can About the Industry 

Banking is an exciting industry and it's all changing with technology. Companies are only just beginning to understand the potential of the sector, which means that they're looking for candidates that are knowledgeable, and confident about the future of banking.
Interviewers don't expect candidates to know everything about the banking tech environment, but they will be looking for someone who can explain how new financial technology will benefit their business.  

Learn what you can by speaking to other people in the industry, signing up to learn from online podcasts and attending educational sessions whenever you have an opportunity. When you find a company that you want to apply to work with, remember to research them too. Find out: 

  • Which parts of the banking industry they're most excited about. 
  • How your current skills align with the business's needs, and how you'll need to expand your knowledge.  
  • Whether you fit with the company culture. (Is the company all about innovation, accuracy, or teamwork?) 

2. Evaluate Your Opportunities 

It's easy to assume that you need to be an expert in finance or technology to get involved with banks. However, there are many different roles available in this environment. The more you learn about the industry, the easier it will be to find a position that fits with your ambitions.  

Banking employees do need a basic knowledge of finance and technology, but it's always possible to develop your skills as you progress through a company with additional training and support. The banking industry is on the hunt for many different kinds of staff, including people with knowledge of sales and marketing, and those who understand how to manage projects and people.  

Knowing what you want to do will guide your path to success. If you decide you want to get involved with banking and loans, then you'll need to develop your skills not just in finance and technology, but also in customer service. If you're interested in blockchain, then it makes sense to pursue a broader education in coding. 

3. Embrace Chances to Learn and Grow


As the banking space continues to evolve, you'll need to be prepared to grow with it. This means embracing a commitment to consistent learning and growth. Fortunately, there are plenty of educational opportunities out there already. For instance, you can enrol in a course that teaches "management analytics," or "innovation and entrepreneurship."  

Keep an eye on the trends in your industry, and the key skills that leaders in your space are looking for. For instance, if you're interested in blockchain, it makes sense to attend seminars about cryptocurrency and digital banking. On the other hand, if you want a role in automated banking, you might look for classes in artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Any attempt to expand your skills in an area of disruptive tech is sure to set you apart as a compelling candidate when you apply for a banking role.  

4. Develop Your Soft Skills 

Technical knowledge isn't the only important consideration when developing a banking career. Having a strong set of soft skills is also essential. For instance, account managers for leading digital banks will need strong leadership skills to support cross-functional teams in agile environments.  

Additionally, many banking professionals will find that strong communication skills are essential, as they will frequently have to explain their strategies to stakeholders and colleagues.  

One particularly crucial soft skill in banking is the ability to solve problems quickly. The whole point of banking and technology is that it makes things work more efficiently and faster. It's important for candidates to know how to pinpoint issues and deal with them quickly.  

5. Build Your Network


Finally, don't underestimate the importance of "who" you know in the banking technology space. There are plenty of places where you can begin to connect with people, such as TechFest, the MIT FinTech Conference and more. The people you know in the industry will give you a better grasp of the space and may introduce you to employment opportunities too! 

What's more, networking in banking may even help you to find a mentor that guides you through the first few years of your career.  

One of the most important connections you can make when growing your banking career, of course, is with a specialist recruitment company. A group like Flow Talent with an in-depth knowledge of the banking space will give you a crucial edge when it comes to finding your ideal job.

About Flow Financial & Technology 

The Middle East is a dynamic and growing market where identifying top talent and world class professionals for the financial services and technology industry is highly competitive. 

Flow provide an executive search service led by industry experts, geared to any level of role within the Financial Services and Technology Industries. This service is driven by innovative, established and proven research teams who customise each requirement from our clients. 

Importantly at Flow, we meet with all our candidates face to face to gain an understanding of their requirements, ensuring we guide them in finding their ideal role. 

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