The 6 Critical Interview Questions You Should Ask Your Banking Candidates

The 6 Critical Interview Questions You Should Ask Your Banking Candidates

by Pegah Gol in career
Sometimes, one of the best things a company can do to improve their hiring strategy is to make sure they're asking the correct questions during the interview. This is particularly important when it comes to filling gaps in relatively evolving sectors like Banking.

A strong interview process, equipped with the correct questions, gives hiring managers the chance to determine the true potential of their candidates. Here at Flow Talent, our expertise with placing candidates in Banking roles has allowed us to discover the following crucial questions to ask during the interview process.  

1. Describe Your Greatest Professional Achievement 

This question goes beyond showing you what a candidate has accomplished during their time in the banking sector; it also demonstrates what kind of values the person holds close. The accomplishment that your interviewee describes will provide an insight into the kind of employee they will be, and which outcomes they'll prize most. For instance, some people will show their attention to detail, whereas others will want to highlight their ability to thrive under pressure.  

During your Banking recruitment strategy, make sure you search for someone who can successfully describe how they tackled a specific problem, and how they overcame it. This will show you that the person is an excellent communicator too.  

2. Tell Us How You've Handled Change 

The banking and technology sector is transforming at a rapid pace. The arrival of the technology in the banking space is a sign of this constant evolution. The best banking recruits will be people who can appropriately respond and adapt to change.  

Now that adaptability is one of the most important qualities in almost any employee, an interviewee's ability to respond to a transforming workplace will be crucial. While everyone has experienced challenging environments at work sometimes, the right banking employee will show that they know how to deal with the pressure of an ever-transforming environment. These people will also be very good at handling periods of stress. 

3. What Do You Hope to Accomplish in This Role? 

When growing your banking teams, a good understanding of the long and short-term goals of your employees is essential for a number of reasons. First of all, when looking at short-term goals, you'll be able to determine how realistic your candidate's view of the position is, as well as how much research they've conducted into your firm.  

Asking about long-term goals is also a good way to uncover a candidate's commitment to continued growth and improvement when they're a part of your team. If a potential employee can explain where they want to be in five years and how they want to get there, this shows a dedication to their role, their industry, and even your business. You can also use the answers you get during this conversation to start planning a candidate's development process if they do get a role with you.  

4. How Do You Learn, and How Have You Prepared for This Role? 

The Banking sector is evolving quickly, which means that employees in this space are facing new challenges and tasks every day. Usually, the best candidates are the ones that don't mind moving outside of their comfort zone so that they can learn new things. Having your candidate explain how they would address a new skill or topic is an excellent sign of intellectual curiosity and discipline.  

Finding out how your people learn will also show you how they will respond to the new demands and challenges of the role you're hiring them for.  

As well as finding out how the candidate plans to learn in the future, ask them how they've prepared for the latest step in their lives. Ask candidates to explain their suitability for the position in question by showing what they've done to enhance their education in the banking sector. Maybe they've taken recent courses or attended an industry event recently.  

5. Tell Us Something That Isn't on Your CV 

Most candidates, both inside and outside of the Banking sector, will spend a long time crafting the ultimate CV so that they can adequately present their skills to their potential employers. However, most employers will struggle to learn everything they need to know about a candidate from a CV alone. This question is a little vague, but it allows the interviewee to use the research they've done into your company to come up with a relevant answer.  

Often the best answers to this question demonstrate the personality or attitude of the person you're hiring. For instance, a tale about recent volunteer work that helped a candidate to develop their skills in the banking and technology sector is an excellent insight into the kind of person they are.  

6. What Can You Bring to This Role That Others Can't?  

Finally, to hire the best Banking professionals, ask them what makes them right for the role in question. This question is a great way to check that the candidate has done their research into the position and your business. If they've spent enough time learning about you, their answers should reflect the competencies that they know you're searching for.  

Good answers to this question cover the role-related achievements and experiences that a person has developed in the Banking industry. This question will also determine how confident someone is about their ability to thrive in a position.  

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