How To Write A Job Description For A Fintech Role

How To Write A Job Description For A Fintech Role

by Mark Nancarrow in career
In today's market, the job description is king when it comes to attracting talent for your organisation; whether that be a Business Analyst role or Head of Digital Transformation

According to the latest talent report from LinkedIn, almost 90% of their members would be open to an approach from a recruitment professional for the ‘right’ role. 

Considering this, how do you make your vacancy stand out as the ‘right’ position to the financial and technology talent you want to attract?  

You develop a great job description. 

The Role of Your Job Description: Sell Your Company And The Opportunity 

Fact: A job description in today’s hiring landscape helps to pre-sell your position. Though financial talent will move for significant roles, they will also base their decision on the company brand and opportunities available. 

If your organisation is full of future opportunity that you want your new employee to be part of, it's essential to communicate this. 

Clarity And Enthusiasm 

With our clients, we talk about the power of a job specification that describes precisely what the role entails and creates buzz and excitement related to what it would be like working both in that role and organisation. 

What Criteria Are You Using To Attract The Candidates You Want? 

For any role there are certain must have skills. For example, a current Business Analyst Role on our Flowtalent website requires a candidate to have excellent skills in writing requirement documents, reports, specifications, plans and analysis along with being proficient in business process modelling tools. 

Also, the client has other criteria that are relevant to the successful delivery of the role in a competitive financial setting. 

It’s critical that your job description is written in such a way that this is clearly communicated. 

List all the skills and qualifications that are ‘must haves’ and those that are both preferred and a bonus. 

For many roles in the finance and technology sectors, qualifications and certifications are essential, therefore make sure there is no ambiguity in how this is communicated.


What ultimately will the successful hire be responsible for? A small project team? Delivery of specific projects or profit and loss of the team or department? 

A ‘day in the life’ will indicate how, practically, the role will play out and is an excellent way to create even more motivation about an opportunity to join your organisation. 

Compensation and Benefits 

No matter how ambitious we are - be that we are presented with an opportunity to work in a different country or particular career experience in an aligned vertical to our current sector; how we will be compensated is important. 

It’s rare for experienced hires to take a salary reduction without a good reason, though the exact salary may be up for debate and some degree of negotiation. 

Location and Travel 

Location and travel are important across the globe not just in UAE roles. If travel is significant and likely to increase, this may attract or repel certain individuals, so it’s back to point one about clarity. 

What Next? 

Would you like help with developing your job descriptions and talent pipeline? If the answer is yes do get in touch with one of the Flowtalent team here. 


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