How Long Should You Stay In Your Finance Job?

How Long Should You Stay In Your Finance Job?

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Whether you are just starting in your finance career, or you have already worked your way into a senior role, we all have aspirations for the future. Knowing what career changes to make, if any, at the right time can make or break your career. 

Working in the UAE can bring its own set of challenges at first, but for those who recognise the potential of this thriving job market, staying the distance can pay off. 

Under the finance umbrella, there is a considerable amount of disparity in the types of work bankers undertake. From customer service, investment management to corporate strategy and financial technology; each of these sectors have their opportunities and limitations when it comes to advancing your career. Is now the right time to make a move? 

There are many factors to consider when considering a career move or even a break. Are you having doubts about your UAE finance job? This article touches on the points to consider when wondering how long you should stay in your finance role.   

Embrace The Change

The face of the finance world is changing, as new technologies are continually updating the way we all live and work, this can cause a feeling of unsettlement, especially in a role that you are familiar with. If you are a more senior player in the finance industry, it most likely looks like a different world to the one you started in.  

While this can be disconcerting, it should not mean that it is going to change beyond recognition, and morph into an industry with which you’re unfamiliar. Embrace new changes in technologies in your finance company and take an active interest in learning about new software and digital procedures. Learn to grow with your company, and you will not feel out of place or disconnected in your role.  

Play to your strengths 

It is essential to know your worth in the finance world. Job roles can be hard-fought over, and there is much competition. It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your colleagues have more desirable strengths than you, and we can all slip into the habit of believing that you’re ‘not good enough’. To assess where you are in your finance career, make a note of the strengths you know you have, and think about whether your current role is satisfying you in this way. If you want to develop your skills further than your current position is allowing, this might be an indicator that you need to look for a more challenging role.  

A Different Role? 

While the finance sector lends itself to people who have a natural aptitude or interest in hard data, it can also offer a whole range of other opportunities. If you think you are at risk of falling out of love with your current finance role but don’t want to leave your company altogether, consider the option of taking a different role within the same company. Make yourself aware of which other vacancies your company is looking to fill; this might give you an idea for a career move you may have never considered before. 

Now more than ever, employers are eager to keep their employees happy to achieve great retention rates. It is in their interests to make you happy, so don’t be afraid of asking for what you want.  The absence of a new challenge can lead to many feeling stagnated at work. Being met with a new set of challenges can bring the spark back into your working life. 

The Right Choice For You 

There can be many factors at play in the process of a person considering leaving their current role. However, as explicitly stated in this Forbes article, the best reason to leave your job is only when the next step is a better offer; be that financially or as a vehicle to develop your career. 

Leaving a finance role can be spurred on by many things: an unmanageable workload, difficult managers and poor company morale are among them. It is part and parcel of the finance industry that you will likely work long hours and can come under much pressure. Remember why you got into finacne in the first place.  

Do you love the high-pressure environment it brings? In terms of your career, leaving your finance role because of a short-term problem is not a smart move. Tackle your current issues head-on to advance your finance career and plan for the future instead of making a snap decision based on your current situation.  

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