How Can I Benefit From My Country’s Nationalisation Programme?

How Can I Benefit From My Country’s Nationalisation Programme?

by Mark Nancarrow in career
The UAE’s nationalisation programme has been a momentous event in the history of the UAE job economy. The Emiratisation scheme’s focus has been on protecting job opportunities for UAE citizens and has provided locals with considerable career prospects. 

Since it was unveiled in 2010, the UAE’s Vision 2021 programme has championed homegrown talent and has continued to strive for the placement of as many UAE nationals in local roles as possible. There have been more plans announced by the government earlier this month which have strengthened the Emirati programme even more, which I will talk about a little later.  

The Emiratisation rate reached 200% in 2018, highlighting that UAE businesses are serious about taking on Emirati talent where there previously has been a lack of it. 

How can you as a UAE national benefit from the excellent nationalisation programme? Let me share with you my insights on why now is the best time to take advantage of Emiratisation. 

Vision 2021 

The premise of the Vision 2021 programme is to redress the balance between locals vs expatriates in the local job market.  

The UAE is the second-largest economy in the Arab world, and around 80% of the current workforce are from overseas.  

As the country grew from 1971 onwards, the wealth from the oil industry bolstered job prospects, and often there were shortages of workers to complete the amount of work that the region was producing. Overseas workers were needed to keep the economy moving, and they came in droves from across the world. 

To coincide with the deceleration of the oil industry, the government announced that they want to move away from oil wealth and create a strong infrastructure for their own nationals based on the following six pillars- 
  • World-class healthcare 
  • A competitive knowledge economy  
  • Safe public area and fair judiciary 
  • A cohesive society and preserved identity 
  • A first-rate education system 
  • Sustainable environment infrastructure 

Furthermore, the government has recently announced the following updates to the national employment policy. 

Updates to the Nationalisation Programme 

At Flow, we specialise in recruiting great Emirati talent for local private sector roles, and we have worked closely with the nationalisation programme to our candidates great benefit. 
The government unveiled earlier this month that they had reviewed the Emiratisation programme and that there would be changes to promote Emirati opportunities even further.  

Speaking at a cabinet meeting, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid revealed that 20,000 new jobs would be created for Emiratis within the next three years, to meet the country’s targets for Vision 2021- that a maximum number of UAE nationals will be in local jobs for the country’s 50th anniversary.  

There is a list of 160 job titles listed in the private sector where the new jobs will be, and they include roles in the banking, aviation, communication, insurance and property sectors.  

Sheik Mohammed used the meeting to reiterate the importance of the Vision 2021 targets. He announced that companies who had failed to hit their Emiratisation rates would have to contribute financially to the Emiratisation programme. 

This support from the government highlights how it has never been a better time for UAE nationals to take advantage of local career opportunities, and here’s why. 

How Can I Benefit? 


Of the 20,000 jobs that were announced, it is thought that this will result in 6,700 jobs annually over the next three years. 
It was also announced with the updates that managerial positions were to be reserved for Emirati nationals, meaning it has never been a better time to start your career if you are interested in furthering your earning prospects.  


The Cabinet has also approved a sum of Dh300 million to train around 18,000 Emirati jobseekers with the skills they need to get into work. 

A portion of VAT revenue has been set aside for Emirati-only graduate programmes. Each year, around 8,000 graduates can gain work experience at private companies, and the government will subsidise 40% of their Dh10,000 ($2,700) salary.  


One of the most significant factors in choosing public sector roles over private sector roles was that the public sector has historically offered a much better salary and pension package. But the Cabinet also revealed that Emiratis in the private sector will now receive a pension equal to that of the public sector.  

What Next? 

As a UAE national, now is the time to get into work, or training for the job and the future you want. At Flow, we are pleased to work closely with the nationalisation programme to assist nationals into work in roles that are the right fit for them.  

We are proud of working toward the country’s Emiratisation goals, and it is in our mission to help the Prime Minister in his goal to ‘double our efforts’ to help meet this year's targets. 



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