Great Questions to Ask at The End of An Interview Part 2

Great Questions to Ask at The End of An Interview Part 2

by Pegah Gol in career
In our previous article about interview questions to ask we shared how to prepare your thoughts pre interview in order to make the most impact possible during the process.

In this companion post, we share several additional questions to ask that will:
  • Validate in your own mind that this really is the company for you
  • The role will deliver for you what you want as you develop your career
  • Demonstrate to the hiring team your level of commitment and interest in the role
Prepare in Advance…… Again

As we mentioned last time; prepare your questions well in advance considering the key areas we have shared above. You might find answers to some of these questions on the company’s website. However, if you still are not clear, there is no reason not to ask a more probing question to uncover the detail.

Demonstrating your attention to detail is usually a good thing in a banking interview too.

A Selection of Questions to Ask

Below we have shared several different questions to ask. Depending on what is important to you and your goals and drivers choose those that will give you the answer you want.

What Do You See as The Major Growth Opportunities for…….?

A great warm up question that demonstrates your enthusiasm and strategic thinking. Ideally do some homework on this aspect too so you can ask clarifying questions.

Who Are the Major Competitors in This Sector and How Are You Better……?

A little bit more contentious and a great follow on question from above. This also sends a loud signal that business growth is something you are interested in and are keen to contribute to help your new ‘employer’ grow.

What Employees Do Well Here?

A subtle yet important question. Your hiring managers answer will hopefully reveal an enormous amount about the organisational culture, and its values. Do you like what you hear? Are they unconsciously describing you? Fingers crossed they are.

How Do You Measure Success At …….?

On a similar vein to the previous question, this will help you identify what really is important to this company. By asking this question you then have a template to follow if you want to progress and move your career forward.

What Additional Skills Do You Think Would Be Good to Develop in This Role?

Through the interview, I am sure you will have been asked various questions about your functional capabilities. However, to excel and be considered for the next step up additional skills and capabilities will be needed. This question will give you an idea of what is possible and signals your enthusiasm to develop and add value.

What is a Normal Day or Week in This Role?

Getting a correct understanding of what is required will help inform your decision. Listen out for expectations and responsibilities that are shared. If no two days will be the same does that fit with your understanding of the role? Does it fill you with excitement or dread?

What Do You Personally Like About Working Here?

Again, this flushes out organisational values whilst at the same time reveals practically what it’s like to be an employee. In addition, it gives you an accurate sense of what you can expect to experience too.

What Is the Career Path In ……? For Someone Like Me?

Every hiring manager is hoping that their recruit is keen to progress and do well. This question will demonstrate that you are thinking about a long-term career rather than the role being a stop gap till something else appears. It will also help you work out if the organisation has a development culture, where promotion from within is a goal.

What Next? When Are You Making a Decision?

It’s a reasonable question to ask; isn’t it? It also shows that you are keen and considering your own circumstances. It will also help you gain valuable information about the timeline for hiring so that you and your specialist banking and finance recruiter can follow up appropriately.

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