Great Questions To Ask At The End Of An Interview Part 1

Great Questions To Ask At The End Of An Interview Part 1

by Pegah Gol in career
Your Banking & Finance search company have helped you land an interview with a company you are super keen to join.

You have carried out your interview preparation and feel condident that you can answer all their questions; you have even got a string of examples to share for all the key competencies that are important in the role you are applying for; so what next?

It’s time to prepare for an important part of the interview process that many candidates forget.

It starts with that moment when the interviewer says something like; “Well, we have asked you a lot of questions, now it’s your turn; do you have any questions for us?”

At Flow the team have interviewed thousands of candidates over the years and a typical pattern at the end of the meeting is… silence… no questions, rather a statement along the lines of; “No, I think you have covered everything.”

How Serious Are You About The Role?

In today’s business economy there is absolutely no reason why you can’t prepare multiple questions to ask your potential future employer.

Imagine the positive impression you will leave at the end of the interview by asking a few well thought through questions; particularly since many candidates either don’t ask anything or only make a comment about when the start date is.

An interview is a structured process of two parts. Your potential employer is asking you questions to learn about you, your skill and capability to perform in the role in question and fit into the company culture and ethos.

In return, you need to prepare questions to ask about the position, your department, your future manager and the company and it’s vision for the future.

The questions you actually ask can make a huge impact on the whole process. In the next post we will share a number of different styles of questions you can ask.

This answer to these questions will go some way to informing you whether this is the organisation for you whilst at the same time demonstrating to your interviewer that you are genuinely interested in the role and are able to practice accurate thinking.

Prepare In Advance

As you have prepared answers that give examples of how you can deliver on the competencies required its vital to provide the time to the questions you ask the interview hiring manager or panel.

Logically your questions need to be designed to gather as much information as possible. There for make them open questions.

In other words questions where more than a yes, no or statement answer is required. Questions that start with; how, and what, will serve you well.

Remember though, not to ask questions that are so broad that they will put the interviewer into a spin either. Share what you are planning to ask with your recruitment consultant who is the perfect person to validate what you are considering.

No No Questions

It really is an open playing field when it comes to the type and style of questions to ask, however here are a few important things to remember not to ask.

1. Don’t ask questions already covered

Successful people are great listeners. If during the interview process your interviewer has shared the strategic vision for the organisation in the United Arab Emirates there is no point asking what their vision is again, even if this was one of the pre prepared questions you were going to ask.

Don’t worry in our next post we will have a number of alternatives for you.

2. Don’t ask how you have ‘done’

Though you might be burning to know how you have performed, resist the temptation to ask. It can make you look either desparate or arrogant; neither of which are likely traits your future employer is looking for.

It also puts the hiring manager on the spot especially if this is a competency based interview. The major Banking and Financial Services Companies are likely to have a detailed process and scoring system that helps validate the next steps.

A better option is to ask a checking question (we will share this in more detail next time) related to wether there is anything else they would like to ask you about your results or background.

3. Don’t Ask About Salary

Remember: don’t ask about salary or benefits at this stage. Your search consultant will have a gauge on the salary band.

A better option is to blow them away throughout the interview process by demonstrating the value you will bring.

Wait until you are in the final stages of the interview process to negotiate with the hiring manager and your search consultant.

Next time we will share a number of different questions you can ask.

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