Graduated! What Next...?

Graduated! What Next...?

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Banking technology graduates should remember one thing – it has never been a more exciting time to begin your career in this sector. 

Over the last few years, technology has changed the way we live and work – many employment sectors are almost unrecognisable from what they were just ten years, and some of the most significant changes have occurred in the banking tech sector.
The period after graduating can be an unsettling time for those who have not yet decided on their next move, and many graduates require the help of a recruiter to help them find their first job post-graduation. 

If you are currently in this situation and are wondering what steps to take next, then this guide is for you.  

Let me share with you my top tips for banking tech graduates to get your career off to the best possible start. 

1. Your First BIG Decision 

Firstly, I must state how important it is that you decide on whether exploring your career options in the banking tech world is what you want. As I mentioned earlier, now is such a great time to begin a banking tech career, but fresh graduates sometimes want to take a different path. 

If you’ve got travelling, volunteering or even furthering your education with training courses on your mind, then wait until you are sure that taking your first banking tech role is what you want before you begin your job search, or reach out to a recruiter


2. Update Your CV 

Once you’ve made your decision that you are dedicated to getting your foot on the first step of the career ladder, it’s time to update your CV ready for the exciting roles that you’ll be shortly applying for. 

Generally, you might tailor your CV to each individual role based on previous experience. As this is your first job after university, you most likely won’t have a lot of work experience to draw on. 

However, remember than you can always tailor your CV to a specific role you are applying for by mentioning any relevant experience you have from your studies. 

If you’re applying for a Law Graduate role for a banking firm, highlight the parts of your studies you undertook that apply to this role, for example ‘during my Law degree, I excelled in the module I took which focused on Law in the banking industry’ and mention your grades where possible. 

3. Network 

You will already have some connections from your time at university; your teachers, fellow students and any work experience that you completed during your degree can all be great places to start to build your network.  

But to start networking with members of the banking tech world that you don’t know personally, this can sound like a daunting task, but in reality, it’s easy – thanks to LinkedIn.  

The online platform now hosts 645 million members worldwide and is the no.1 social media tool to grow your professional peer circle. Data released this year from their website showed that 122 million people received an interview this year via LinkedIn, and an impressive 35.5 million have been hired through a person they connected with on the site.
So, what are you waiting for?  

Go and set up your LinkedIn profile to make you stand out in your sector and start making those all-important connections. 

Networking is great for building opportunities, but next, I want to talk about the two most significant paths that will lead you to your first job after graduation – graduate schemes and getting out there and applying for upcoming banking tech roles. 

4. Graduate Schemes 

While some companies shy away from taking on graduates due to the reason that they ‘lack experience’ in the real working world, many others jump at the opportunity.
Being a fresh graduate in the world of banking technology is what a significant amount of companies are looking for right now. Because of how fast the sector is adopting new technologies, employers can assume that graduates are coming out of university armed with the very latest cutting edge skills and knowledge of current and upcoming disruptive banking technologies.  

Research what graduate schemes are offered by the companies that you might want to work for, or speak to a recruiter who can provide you with additional knowledge in deciding which programs are right for you, and can help you vet and apply for these roles.

5. Banking Tech Roles – What is Available to You? 

As I mentioned earlier, now is an optimum time to begin your banking tech career – fresh graduates with the most in-demand skills are highly sought after in banking organisations. 

A graduate job in FinTech could be in one of many different roles – everything from software engineering, data scientists, security architects, technology advisors. 
There has been a surge in the number of these roles in the last few years, with one study reporting that 77% of financial institutions are increasing their internal efforts to embrace disruptive financial technologies.  

If you have recently graduated and want some more information about graduate roles that are suited to you, in terms of your skills, career plans and geographical location, get in contact with Flow Financial & Technology today. 

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