Fintech Recruiting: The Benefits and Perks that Candidates Want Now and In the Future

Fintech Recruiting: The Benefits and Perks that Candidates Want Now and In the Future

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Fintech is a game-changing industry, transforming the way that we look at both technology and the finance sector. As ideas around financial technology like digital banking become more popular, competition for the right talent to fill company employment gaps is growing too. Even traditional institutions are beginning to notice the disruption in the field.  

If you're ready to start developing your fintech recruitment process, or you're a candidate in search of the ideal job opportunity, perks and benefits are some of the most important things to be aware of. Here are the benefits that candidates in the fintech sector will be searching for, both today and tomorrow.  

1. Performance-based Incentives


Everyone wants recognition. A great way to show employees that their hard work is valued is through performance-based incentives that highlight the people willing to go above and beyond. According to a survey conducted by the Consumer Technology Association, traditional benefits like extra compensation, bonuses and more are still a great way to motivate Fintech employees.  

People like to feel as though they're appreciated at work. Performance-based incentives like profit sharing and stock options, cash bonuses and similar "traditional" options are a great way to get the ball rolling.  

2. Flexible Working and Telecommuting 

Many of the people currently looking to develop their fintech career in the future are searching for positions that give them the freedom they need to plan and manage more flexible schedules. According to research from, the option to work from home is more valuable to technology professionals than financial bonuses.  

Flexible work opportunities like remote working, or the option to leave the office early for personal reasons are a great way to keep employees engaged. Some forward-thinking companies are even implementing strategies that allow Fintech employees to go home after they've successfully completed their tasks for the day, as long as they meet the right quality standards. 

3. Training and Career Development 


Career development training remains crucial for IT professionals who are hoping to keep on top of their skills in a fast-moving employment market. In the fintech sector, where new ideas and methodologies are appearing all the time, it's particularly essential for great team members to stay on top of their development plan.  

Whenever an employer brings someone new onto their team, it's important for them to conduct a skills audit, and build an ongoing growth strategy with their new employee. An understanding of the person's current needs combined with an insight into what they want to achieve in the future will help the employer to deliver the support and guidance their staff member needs to thrive. These development plans are a win-win for employer and employee. The employee gets to improve their CV, while the employer gains access to the latest skills in Fintech.  

4. On-Site Wellness Programs  

Both physical, and mental health are essential to ensuring the exceptional performance of staff members. When people in a team feel their best at work, they're more likely to go above and beyond to reach business goals. On-site wellness and health programs are a great way to ensure that Fintech hires don't end up feeling overwhelmed by the time-sensitive and often demanding projects they manage every day.  

Some major brands like Google have everything from on-site gyms, to relaxation pods to keep their employees happy. However, something as simple as an on-site therapist who can give guidance to people who are having trouble achieving the best work-life balance may be enough to improve employer brand and support employees. Often, the best way to start a wellness program is to interview a team and find out what they need to feel comfortable at work. 

5. Responsibility and Autonomy 

One of the most crucial things that employees look for in today's recruitment environment is a purpose. People want to feel as though they're contributing to something important. As such, business leaders need to be ready to tell their FinTech team where they stand in the company, and what their work is doing to support the end-goals of the organisation.  

The more impact a team member feels they have in a business, the more connected they'll feel to their role. Additionally, employees also need to feel as though they have room to voice their ideas and opinions at times. Teams need to be able to express themselves, particularly in the FinTech sector where new ideas and innovations are emerging all the time. All employees want the freedom to express themselves to be a part of their perks package.  

6. A Great Company Culture / Work Environment 

Finally, both today and in the future, staff members in the fintech sector will be looking for employers that can deliver an excellent working environment. We all spend a significant portion of our lives at work. It only makes sense that we would want the workplace to be as comfortable and supportive as possible.  

Employers that can create a workplace that people enjoy coming to, and even feel inspired by will benefit from more motivated and loyal employees. This doesn't necessarily mean blowing the budget on interior design. Sometimes, something as simple as an open-door policy when team members need to talk about something, or a weekly group lunch where people can get together to bond is enough to develop a more effective company culture.  

When a poor work environment is one of the main reasons that Fintech professionals reject job offers, business leaders can't afford to ignore the impact of company culture.  

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