Client Success with Flow Financial and Technology

Client Success with Flow Financial and Technology

by Mark Nancarrow in career
We are often asked what our expert recruitment process entails. Although each individual hire presents a unique and personal challenge, the strategies that we have used for years ensures that we find the right candidate for our clients every time.  

As one of the leading recruitment companies in the UAE, providing expert talent to the banking and finance technology sectors, today, we share one of our recent client successes with you. 

We help global organisations find the finance and technology talent they need for pivotal roles – read on to find out how we helped find the right candidates for this particular client. 

The Recruiting Situation 

We were approached by a global payments software and services provider with a global presence, their HQ being in the UK. 

They were looking for a trustworthy Business Development and Sales Manager to target their chosen demographic across North and West Africa. 

Our client had a very defined vision on the personality and traits they were looking for in the candidate, as the incumbent would essentially take on the IC role remotely and be the face of the organisation across the North and West Africa regions. They were looking for an exceptional candidate. 

How We Found the ‘Right’ Candidate  

For some smaller scale recruitment companies, finding candidates with such a particular, international skill set may have been out of their remit. But in this situation, and for all our international clients, we can call upon our far-reaching candidate base. 

Bearing in mind the target demographic and language skills, we knew we needed a candidate with: 
  • Expert international language and cultural skills and knowledge  
  • Someone who would fit in with the clients’ business culture 
  • A ‘go-getter’ personality 
  • Along with a service attitude  

As you can see, the needs of this role went far beyond the skills needed for the skills of the position. Recruitment is far more than skills matching; it involves a deep understanding of the intricacies of differing organisational needs as well as the highest level of interpersonal awareness. 

To find our candidates to be considered in the first round, we undertook an extensive market mapping exercise. 
We conducted in-depth competency-based assessments to gauge their reactions and behaviours in various situations to ensure that every candidate that we put forward was of unbeatable quality. 

After searching the market, we had several suitable candidates that we presented the client with for the next stage of the recruitment process. 

The Successful Result  

We were able to find the ideal candidate for the role, who was successfully offered the position after various interviews with the client. 

One of our defining features as an expert recruiter is that we are international service providers, meaning that we inherently understand the nuances of working across different countries and cultures with both clients and candidates. 

Our client commented, “The results achieved and the experience of working with Flow has confirmed our company made the right choice. We can head into 2021 and look to our future plans with enthusiasm.” 

As with all of our recruitment results, the client’s investment is protected. If the candidate for any reason leaves their role within the first year, the investment is returned to them. This means that our clients can push on with the onboarding and integrating of their new team member with the ultimate peace of mind that there was no better candidate out there.  


We helped this international software and services provider find their ideal client, and now they are safe in the knowledge that they couldn’t have found a better candidate and that their recruitment investment is guaranteed. 

Can we help you, too?
Are you in a position where you need an elusive candidate, and your recruitment is not producing the specific talent that you had in mind? 

We find candidates from across the globe for your UAE finance and technology roles. If you have a current or upcoming vacancy, or if you are looking to grow your team this year on the success of last year, we can help. 

Contact us today on +971(0)4 564 6255 or contact us here to talk to one of our experts about how we can help you with your recruitment needs. 



About Flow 

The Middle East is a dynamic and growing market where identifying top talent and world-class professionals for the financial services and technology industry is highly competitive.   
Flow provides an executive search service led by industry experts, geared to any level of role within the Financial Services and Technology Industries. This service is driven by innovative, established and proven research teams who customise each requirement from our clients.    

Importantly at Flow, we meet with all our candidates face to face to gain an understanding of their requirements, ensuring we guide them in finding their ideal role. 
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