7 New Year’s Resolutions for Job Seekers

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Is finding a new role on your wish list for 2023? Here are 7 New Year’s resolutions to help you on your way to finding a new job in 2023!

1.   Update Your CV

When did you last update your resume? You may have some new skills and experiences from the past year to add; perhaps you attended a course, were awarded at work, or exceeded a target? Make sure you think about what you have achieved last year and add to your CV.

2.   Clean Up Your Social Media

Social media is a powerful job search tool, so it pays to make sure your profiles are up to date and professional. Ask yourself:

  • Is my profile photo professional – a simple headshot of just yourself without any filters, other people, or distractions in the background.
  • Does my experience and skills match my CV – if you added achievements or courses to your new CV, add them here too!
  • What am I posting – Recruiters and hiring managers will likely look at your LinkedIn, and a misstep could cost you an opportunity.

3.    Grow Your Network

Research how and where you can connect with new people to add to your network – a solid network is a great foundation for job search success.  Make a list of events to attend in 2023 and reach out to people who could assist in your search via LinkedIn.

4.    Spruce Up Your Skills

Is there room for improvement to make you stand out compared to other job seekers? If there are specific skills employers in your field are looking for that you lack, it may be worth investing in a course or two this year.

5.    Target Specific Companies

Create a list of recruitment agencies and companies that hire in your industry and:

  • Check their job postings on their website and LinkedIn regularly.
  • See if you can submit your CV on their website or via email for future opportunities.
  • Set up job alerts on their website if possible.

6.    Follow Up

Some job seekers hit apply and don’t follow up. However, checking in could just put your profile in front of the hiring manager, if not for the role you applied for but any future openings.

Reach out after a week or two and ask if the employer has any questions – this is also a chance to reiterate your experience and get feedback that could help you in your search.

Job seeking can be stressful but remember to always be polite when emailing or calling someone who could help you secure that new role you are after!

7.    Practice Makes Perfect

Now, you are doing all the right things to hopefully land you a new role this year – but you also need to be prepared for a very important stage in between, interviewing!

Job interviews can be a nerve-racking experience – particularly for candidates that have not interviewed for some time.

Why not ask a friend or family member to help you prepare with a mock interview? You could even video yourself with your phone, so that you can play it back and critique yourself.

While just the thought of this might make you cringe, it can be an extremely effective tool for improving your performance, and your confidence.

We have some more useful tips for interviewing here.

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